"Use your batarangs or bolos to fight clowns, scientists, mobsters, or even exploding rabbits! Continue fighting in the sky with the Bat-Glider and Jet-Pack on your way to end Mr. Freeze's insidious plan."

The Adventures of Batman and Robin

a game by Clockwork Tortoise, Inc., and Konami

Action, Platformer / Sega GenesisSNES



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This barely average driving game should be called The Adventures of the Batmobile because you never control the Caped Crusader outside of his legendary vehicle.

In the Batmobile, you dodge obstacles and attack enemy cars in a scenario reminiscent of the old Road Blasters game. After completing each mission, you're awarded with superb original animation by the series creators. However, these segments don't compensate for the lack of bat action.

Loud, high-energy CD music complements the game's fast pace, though you'll wonder if it's just a cover-up for the average effects. And while the car controls fairly well, the repetitive stages will have you looking for the Gotham garage.


  • As soon as you enter trees in Stage Two of the second level, look for this 1-up.
  • When chasing Lily and Violet, dodge the obstacles, speed up to get close, then fire as rapidly as possible.

The Adventures of Batman and Robin

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Batman and Robin have found new life thanks to TVs Batman: The Animated Series. Now they're starring in their own Genesis video game, but unfortunately, it doesn't live up to the excitement of the TV show.

Winged Terror

This is Sega's second shot at making the Caped Crusader a viable video game hero. Unfortunately, this Batman and Robin is a standard side- scrolling platform game with great backgrounds from the show but mediocre action.

You play as Batman or Robin in four long levels, running after the Joker, Mr. Freeze, the Mad Hatter, and Two-Face. Each villain wants a piece of ol' pointy ears and his prepubescent pal.

ProTip: Shoot these grinning grenades while they're still across the screen. They spin when they explode, extending their destructive range.

At the end of each tedious level, you confront a boss, but once you learn their patterned attacks, they're easy to defeat. Getting to the bosses, however, takes patience because of the sheer number of enemies you encounter. Each level is chock full of bat-busting bad guys, from dynamite- throwing mobsters to exploding toy clowns. You'll see more bad guys here than at a political convention, so it won't be long before you're headed to the bat cemetery. The fighting is made more difficult by the unresponsive controls. Jumping and hanging from ledges is tricky and not very productive.

Holding on to ledges to light isnt smart. Jump up and wait for enemies to come to you.

What are your weapons? Good old bat punches and kicks, along with a variety of Batarangs that you collect. Unfortunately, the Batarangs work on a charge system, and while you're charging them, you're susceptible to damage.

Holy Squashed Sprites!

The graphics aren't livin' large. The Dynamic Duo never looked so...helpless! The backgrounds are straight from the show, but the enemies are weird variations of the show's villains. Even the Mad Hatter looks badly illustrated. The other graphics, including the explosions, are eerily reminiscent of Contra: Hard Corps.

The music and sound effects are equally disappointing. Repetitive techno disco fills the scenes, and the punches and kicks sound like snare drums. The trademark Batman theme music is nowhere to be found.

In Two-Face's first stage, stay close to the green- suited villains as you nail them. They give up precious hearts.

Batman Forever?

The Adventures of Batman and Robin on the Genesis just doesn't give you the special superhero rush that it should. Larger-than-life comic-book heroes deserve larger-than-life treatment. Batman and Robin should have chilled in the Batcave a little longer.

  • Watch out for the exploding track lights in the Mad Hatter's stage. They're the most destructive weapon.
  • In Mr. Freeze's chamber, shoot these frosty fiends as you circle them. Their ice bubbles follow you all over.

Batman and Robin carry on their crime-fighting crusade in a nine-level action/adventure game that features the show's dark but stunning visual style. Gotham City's heroic vigilantes engage in side-view beat-em-up brawls, vertical free-fall fighting, and even a bat-bedeviling maze challenge. Looks like Robin's just along for the ride, but you'll drive the Batmobile in a beat-the-clock cruise. Catwoman, Two Face, the Penguin, and the Joker are the lead bat bashers.


The Adventures of Batman and Robin

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

The Adventures of Batman & Robin is a side-scrolling action game based on the animated series of the same name (after being renamed). Despite Robin’s more passive and supportive role, the game was very well received and praised by fans for staying faithful to the series.

The game is a standard beat ‘em up game where you fight through hordes of underlings until you finally reach the antagonist at the end of the level. Along the way, you solve simple puzzles in order to complete your mission, sometimes using crucial items which Alfred is kind enough to suggest at the beginning of the level. These items can be weapons like boomerangs or bombs, but also utility items like a flashlight and such.

In the Adventures of Batman & Robin, the Batcave allows you re-equip items and gadgets and also to restart the current mission with the maximum number of lives. The game also has a password system which takes note of your remaining lives and continues. For the hard-core fans, there is also a hard mode which does not allow you to use continues or passwords, thus the game has to be completed in one try.

The levels all feature different designs and visuals, and even start off with their own title card, as an episode of the series would. As you fight your way, you will inevitably fight some of the famous villains from the Batman universe, such as the Joker, Poison Ivy, Two-Face and the Riddler. The villains all have unique animations and even short voice samples, and all this lends itself to a much more appealing battle.

Graphically speaking, the game is not very colourful or vibrant; however it is very faithful to the art style of the comics and the animated series, giving the impression that you are actually playing within the cartoon. The music also complements the graphics perfectly with its dark tone.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin is one of the best games of the series not just because of it kept the same style as the comics and animated series, but also because of its diverse levels each with its unique challenges and attention to detail, down to small laughs to give characters much more depth than a MIDI beep could. The only major complaint made by fans was that the game was too short. That just means that they wanted more.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin features:

  • Unique levels and boss fights.
  • Music and graphics faithful to the series.
  • Hard mode for a greater challenge.

In The Adventures of Batman and Robin, developed by Clockwork Tortoise, Inc, you can challenge Batman’s most hated archenemies - such as Two-Face, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, the Penguin, and Joker. With its fast, furious street action in Gotham City to the intense gameplay of eight varied levels, players battle to rid the city of crime and violence using a wide range of Bat weapons. These weapons include smoke bombs, Batarangs, x-ray goggles, and various other tools that fit into the utility belt. This animated style game is full of dynamic graphics and a compelling musical score. Released in December of 1995, The Adventures of Batman and Robin, is rated for kids to adults with animated violence. The publisher is Sega of America, Inc and distributed by Electro source. Experience the adventures of Batman with a joystick or gamepad.

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  • This game is cool, the stages are long, but the levels are really long, there are only four levels, but there are many stages in just one level and there is no way you can beat this in the same day unless you have nothing else to do, but I mean this in the good way so don't get me wrong. There is one level though, while flying the handglider, this stage is incredibly long and get kind of boring, but play it anyway because the rest of the game is worth it. Best thing in the game are the boss fights and the pose that batman/robin does at the ending of each stage, it looks cool. Highly recommended game by me JGCD!

  • This is the best of the batman games for the Saga by far!, A must not just for Batman fans but anyone wanting a fast paced beat um up!, But if you want a even better version with better graphics try the Super Nintendo version on gameguerilla.com!.

  • This is another of those strange multi console games that varied from the other I.E Saga!, The Nintendo version is better in my view and has more visual treats on offer, Cleaner sharper edges make the difference and new look characters and enemy's, The game is still non stop action just the same as the Saga version but with little tweaks!, I was a Saga kid but on odd occasions the Nintendo version was made better due to the fact they usually where released after the Saga version!....

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