"The Batman game follows the movie perfectly in the fact that there is a level for just about every scene in the film."


a game by Sunsoft

Action, Arcade Classics, Platformer / Sega GenesisNES



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The legendary Batman is now available from Sunsoft for the Genesis. Play the part of the Caped Crusader as you pursue the Joker and his henchmen through the streets, sewers and buildings of Gotham City. Hop in the Batmobile or Batwing as you chase after the enemy in order to save the kidnapped Vicki. Watch the animated cinema intermissions between levels as you close in on the Joker.

People say:


The ultimate side-scrolling action game for the Genesis is finally available! Batman features the hero in a variety of scenes straight out of the movie. Great action, Batmobile and Batwing shooter sequences are all combined to make a superb game that's just a little too short!


Easily one of the best playing Genesis titles ever made. Good solid game play backed by excellent 16 bit graphics, sound effects and animated intermissions. True to the movie plot but it could have been a bit longer. Long in coming, but it's worth the wait!


A great title that almost never made to the Genesis legitimately. Great graphics and incredible music make this one of the best action carts available. Perfectly follows the movie's story and even has Batmobile and Batwing scenes as well as cinema displays. A bit too easy though.


What can I say? It's great, but not the best. Once again, another simple game for the Genesis. The gameplay is true to the movie plot and scenery, but the bosses are too easy and don't last very long. Anyway, Batman is a lot of fun and full of huge levels to keep you busy. Solid.

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Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Number of Levels: 5
  • Theme: Action/Adventure
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Available: March '90


All through the summer, one film constantly packed theatres with movie fans of all ages who thrilled to heroes and villains, ugly thugs and pretty girls, and a title character who guaranteed plenty of action and adventure!

We're not talking about Indiana Jones or Ghostbusters either. The summer movie that brought new meaning to the words action and hysteria was none other than BATMAN. This blockbuster movie, which undoubtedly will go down in history as one of the most successful films of all time, brought together the perfect blend of all-star names (Nicholson, Keaton, Bassinger), top notch visual effects, perfect cinematography, a fab soundtrack, and most important of all, a dynamite story that brought the comic book Caped Crusader to life!

Now Sunsoft, always a leader in Nintendo softs, has unveiled the video game version of this soon-to-be classic motion picture. And, unlike some movies that become games, Sunsoft has successfully captured the spirit of the film while creating a gaming experience that is truly outstanding.


The video game version of Batman encompasses five different levels of play, including some familiar sights like the Axis chemical plant and the giant Bell Tower. Each level is broken up into separate parts that include one to three rounds of action against the Joker's compatriots and a final round against a more powerful Boss attacker.

The game play itself might remind you of Castlevania or other similar types of action/adventure contests where your hero occupies a central position on the screen at all times.

Besides fighting your way through the game's graphically detailed rounds, you can also perform a very helpful maneuver that seems a lot like the wall climb out of Ninja GaiDen. Skillfully jumping and pressing the button at the right time, makes Batman climb up walls and through passages, jumping from one wall to another as he progresses up or around screen objects.

Colorful intermissions are also played between levels and capture some of the exciting scenes from the movie, like the explosive entry of THE BATMOBILE into Axis Chemical, and the high-speed flight of THE BATWING over GOTHAM CITY. Some of the still pictures (which are displayed with text) look like they popped right out of the movie and into the cart!


Besides boasting some fantastic punching and kicking skills, Batman can also acquire different power-up weapons as he progresses to his final battle against the Joker. These weapons play an important role in later levels of play, and can be collected to insure proper stockpiles when more difficult situations arise.

Among the devices that Batman can pick up during his journey are a missile that fires straight ahead and explodes with great force at any target it hits. Batman will also discover a Batarang that flies out and slowly arcs back into his possession, inflicting damage on anything it hits along the way. Other special power-ups are also sure to turn up during Batman's battles.

Batman is one of the most exciting games we've previewed in recent months. With the possible exception of some stiff competition set to come from Acclaim's Double Dragon 2, Batman...the Video Game looks to be the best NES game.


When you reach the end of the fifth level, you'll come face to face with the Joker himself.] The Joker isn't kidding around either! When you confront the master criminal of Gotham in the Bell Tower he'll brandish a loooooooonnng pistol with incredible destructive power! Help Batman exact revenge on the murderer of his parents and clean up Gotham City!


Batman begins his adventure on the streets of Gotham. This is your chance to master the different techniques in the game.


Batman uses the Batmobile to blow his way into Axis Chemical! Watch out for the toxic pools and drains as well as the electrical conduits.


Continue your journey through the sewers of Axis, avoiding the Joker's helpers. You must battle your way through a rock-like structure to reach the Boss.


Leap over flaming pits and defeat the monstrous thugs out to stop Batman in Level Four. Batman is almost there!


Take the Batwing to the Bell Tower! You must now move Batman to the top of the Tower to take on a final Boss and then the Joker himself!


The ultimate crusader of justice in Gotham City, Batman has incredible fighting skills and a score to settle with his arch-nemesis, the Joker.


This beautiful reporter is Batman's love interest and the object of the Joker's affection. Can Batman save her and Gotham City?


The most vile villain Gotham City has known and the killer of Bruce Wayne's parents. Can he and his henchmen stop Batman?

After you defeat the final Boss in round 5-2, the Joker will appear in the Bell Tower for a final fight against Batman! A thrilling finale awaits those who are skillful enough to overcome the Joker's fiendish plans and restore order to Gotham City.


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Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: Genesis
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: October 1992
  • Number of levels: 7
  • Theme: Action

Ok, so you are a tad skeptical about games that come from movies (and with good reason) but rest assured, this game totally rules! There is plenty of attention to detail. Just look at the big map of Gotham City's rooftops and you'll understand. This is only one of many levels of great graphics. You go from the rooftops to the broken down clown building, then on to the castle where you first meet the Penguin. The battle ensues, and before you can catch your breath it is down into the streets where a bunch of killer motorcycle freaks are totally out of control and a strong man tries to make you permanently short! As if this were not enough (and it almost is!) you also get to walk through a fancy office building where a band of circus rejects try their hardest to stab, bludgeon and fry you to a crisp. You should see how they have destroyed the place! If you are good enough, you might even get a shot at the Penguin in the basement. Then it is off to the zoo that is inhabited with crazy organ grinders and demented fellows who look a lot like elves!

Next comes the carnival of carnage. It is a mad house with clowns who jump out of mirrors and ferris wheels full of bomb chucking bad guys (not to mention devils who breath fire). Then comes the circus train where Penguin appears again. This brings you to the Gotham City bridge, which is in bad need of repair, filled with gargoyles that are tough! These are just a few of the many challenges that await the caped crusader. Batman Returns looks and plays like its movie namesake, with action that won't disappoint!


Download Batman
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Machine: Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis Game Of The Month

Gotham City is planning its bicentennial celebration. The dark, towering skyscrapers of Gotham's famous skyline are being sandblasted clean; the streets are hosed and washed; and banners hung everywhere proclaim the city's 200th anniversary. Local businesses, the news media, and the city government are working together to paint a festive facade over the gloomy metropolis.

But in his hideout at the old Axis Chemical plant, the infamous Joker is at work on his own twisted plans. He has concocted a terrible nerve gas that distorts its victims' faces, freezing their features in a parody of the Joker's own hideous grin. Death follows quickly. And now, while the eyes of the nation are focused on Gotham City and its celebration, the Joker moves to unleash his nerve gas on the innocent people of the city.

As Batman, the Caped Crusader, you'll battle the Joker's thugs in the Flugelheim Museum. You'll race through the streets of Gotham City in your Batmobile, and take to the skies in the Batwing. Finally, you'll climb the towering Gotham Cathedral to face the Joker himself.

The Caped Crusader is once again appearing on the Game-Boy. This time, it is based on the popular animated series.

It seems that the Joker is up to mischief again, and it's up to Batman to stop his latest and most horrible plot. Your GameBoy will rock with the intense action this cart provides. It looks good and is coming soon from Konami.

  • Levels: 8
  • Theme: Action
  • Players: 1
  • Difficulty: Easy

The Caped crusader is back in Gotham, ready to take on the Joker and his band of thugs to the death. Use a variety of punches, kicks and your batarangs to take out the Joker for good!


Download Batman
Windows XP/Vista/7/8


Batman is finally here for the Genesis! The Mega Drive cart that has become a legend in the mail order houses is now available in the U.S. All of the incredible graphics and sounds are still there as well as the great game play that goes right along with the movie. The U.S. National Video Game Team is going to blow this one apart for you, with special maps, tips, and tricks to help you clean up Gotham and put an end to the Joker's wicked schemes. We'll show you how to get through levels 1 through 4 and next issue we'll continue with 5 through 7 to help you finish the game.

Special Trick

When you get to this area, you can max out your Batarangs. First defeat the Axeman, then grab the Bat icon and walk off the side. You'll land on a platform and when it brings you back up, the icon will reappear. Do this until you have 99 Batarangs and it will make fighting the end bosses extremely easier.

In this level there are many moving platforms. These platforms are spiked on the bottom so watch out when jumping up or using the grappling hook.

Watch out for falling chandeliers in the first area and near the moving platforms. Do flips to get past them faster. This is not recommended when jumpimg on the moving platforms though.


Download Batman
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Everyone on the streets knows Batman might show up anywhere, anytime. Now he's in a hot pinball machine that features the '90's edition of the Caped Crusader a' la the movie.

Before you spring into action, take a second to check out the scenes on the board. This pinball's laid out with gorgeous comic-style graphics from the movie. Bat-architecture also graces the ramps, the chutes, and the skill shots.

Shoot a ball up the Bat Cave Ramp and you might score a cool million. Sink the Axis Chemical Factory Skill Shot to open up the Flugelheim Museum, free Vicky Vale, and fire-up screaming multi-ball action. When you get your flipper-to-eye coordination down take a crack at the Joker; a steelie in his eyes or his mouth nets you the last laugh and mucho points.

Bat-score? Check out the smooth dot matrix display. Four grades of shading help flash some cool animation as well as your points.


  • Before you release a ball, watch the digital scoreboard for arrows that point to the holes in the Axis Chemical Factory Skill Shot. Try to sink balls in them.
  • Sink balls into the Joker's eyes in a left-right-left combination for two mill.
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