"This game is an excellent add on to the countless Robocop games on the Genesis / Megadrive game consoles."

RoboCop vs The Terminator

a game by Virgin, and Ocean

Action, Arcade Classics, Shooting Games, Platformer / Sega GenesisNESSNES



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  • Action

Pulp this waste of human life. Crooks like this are everywhere.

You'll see what happens when two powerful cyborgs meet in Robocop vs. Terminator. In an all-out firefight, you portray Robocop, defender of New Detroit. While stopping the criminals who are plaguing the city, you come across a group of cyborgs whose power rivals your own. When you find out that they are from a possible future, you travel forward through time to stop them. Along the way you'll meet some familiar faces like the awesome ED-209 robot. Defending the city has never been this rough.

Robocop vs. Terminator is a graphic journey through time. The entire game is fast-paced, and the plentiful enemies are tough!.

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RoboCop vs The Terminator

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

The two monsters of big-screen mayhem are here in this bloody rendition of the Dark Horse comic. Robocop vs. The Terminator is a thrill-a-minute ride down a bloodstained alley.

ProTip: Sometimes power-ups are behind or to the left or right of arrows.


Those two butt-kickin' 'borgs of movie fame are back. Robocop in your search for the Terminator, your quest will take you through the streets of a futuristic slum, the OCP offices, a toxic warehouse, and more.

  • If you die with a weapon in your hand, you lose the weapon.
  • The Endoskeletons and Terminators rise twice before dying.

You start off with your standard-issue rapid-fire Pistol, but along the way you'll pick up Rifles, Flamethrowers, and Homing Bullets. You're going to need them against an army of rifle-toting, bomb-throwing henchmen, who litter the landscapes. There are also tasks you must accomplish, like rescuing hostages, or tiptoeing around toxic sludge. At the end of each stage you must face a boss. They can be as tame as an overweight thug, or as lethal as the Terminator. Expect the ED-209 (the two- legged Robocop nemesis) to make an appearance, too.

  • There is a secret OCP office to the left of this line. Jump toward the wall and fire and you're in. There are three 1-ups in this secret room, and you can return again and again for them.
  • If you get Homing Bullets, shoot up and Jump. The bullets will hit any enemies above you.

There are some secret rooms with 1-ups that'll allow you to maximize your game play, but you may not even need that as this game is pretty easy. Intermediate gamers will breeze through this one with a little patience.

Shining Armor

The graphics in this game are awesome, if you can wade through the gore and still see the score. Every enemy is quick, destructive, and realistically illustrated. The backgrounds have neat little touches, like Robocop's face on the TV screens.

The music is standard background noise, but the sound effects (the agonized screams of the bad guys to the metal movement of an opponent) are absolutely outstanding.

The controls are basic. One button shoots, another jumps, and another switches weapons.

  • To kill off the ED-209, jump and hit it in the face with any powered-up weapon. When you jump, you'll end up hanging from the bar above the stage. Jump down and crouch on the barrel while firing at the ED- 209. Then jump again to avoid its bullets. It will break, and you'll have to hang from the bar and shoot down diagonally at its legs.
  • Before you waiting thugs jump from a ladder, point down and spray below you with bullets to take out

If I Only Had a Heart

This plasma-spewing side-scroller will put some people off with its graphic violence (women in garters get torn apart by bullets, and in some stages bosses are gunned down to pieces), but it still remains a basic run-and-jump shooter with great graphics. It'll be Robocop vs. The Terminator vs. the World!

Vergin's teaming up the mechanical menaces -- Robocop and the Terminator -- in a one-player arcade-style run-n-gun adventure that's a 16-meg blast to the future.

The shoot, shoot and shoot some more action puts you inside the metallic skin of Robocop, who's locked in a post-holocaust world, circa 2029. In each of the game's 10 multi-scrolling levels, you're out to gun down an army of Terminators, who are bent on destroying humanity. Robocop and the Terminator are large sprites with multiple weaponry. High-tech graphics set the mood, and bloody blobs of exploding guts highlight the destruction. Hasta la vista, baby!

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  • I totally agree with JGCD this game rocks, But please download the Sega version the SNES version is no where near as good, No blood and gore and rubbish guns.

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