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Just when you thought that Joe 'n' Mac-style games were extinct, along comes this lightweight clone of the dino dudes' prehistoric adventures.

Time Machine

Prehistorik Man's plot is as primitive as its fur-dad hero. Sam's a caveman hoppin'-n- boppin' his way through prehistoric jungles in search of burgers, fries, and sundaes (all that cholesterol -- maybe that's what killed the dinosaurs).

Sam whomps beasties with his club, runs like a dog, and climbs vines. The action's simple, the enemies are easy, and everything will remind you of prehistoric 1992 games.

Unfortunately, the control limits the fun. While you do have a variety of skills -- including the ability to fly a hang glider -- they're tough to master. You can jump once onto a crawling enemy to score a hit, but multiple jumps are difficult to pull off without taking damage. And handling the hang glider requires more practice than younger gamers like.

B.C.: Before CDs

Neither the sounds nor the graphics advance the state of A the art, but they're okay. The tropical backgrounds are colorful and cartoony, populated by large, stiffly moving characters. The sounds are the game's strengths, with Sam's yelps and roars adding humor.

If the Joe 'n' Mac games seemed too short to you, or if you want to take a nice nostalgic trip back to the early '90s, go clubbing with Prehistorik Man. Young gamers will stay 'n' play, but older gamers will see why the SNES is going the ' way of the dinosaur.

ProTip: Your hang glider quickly stalls in Cloud Canyon, so continually dive to gain more lift.

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