"Jurassic Park Rampage Edition is a 3rd person side-scrolling shooter. You will be battling against velociraptors, raptors, pterodactyls, triceratops, a T-Rex and those really some carnivore dinosaurs."

Jurassic Park - Rampage Edition

a game by Blue Sky Productions

Shooting Games, Platformer / Sega Genesis



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Enough with the dinosaurs! JP: Rampage Edition is another ploy to keep you interested in prehistory. Betcha it's simultaneously released with the JP videotape in October. Betcha.

The Park Never Closes

As Grant leaves Jurassic Park at the end of the first game, he sees InGen agents combing the area for dinosaur eggs. (They either want to breed the eggs or make a mighty big omelet.) In this game, you must stop the agents before they reach their goal, avoiding famished dinos along the way.

If you play as the Raptor, you have to get your eggs to safety (before someone makes a movie out of you).

The dinos remain the same. The Raptors, Pteranadons, Campys, and T. rex return, plus Gallimimuses that you ride in a fast side-scrolling stage. Even worse, you face a nastier species this time: Humans. Guards are everywhere, shooting, running, and throwing bombs.

Progressing through the six levels as Grant, you pick up various weapons like a deadly Flamethrower that blackens beasts to extra crispy, a buckshot-blastin' Shotgun, and a Machine Gun. Dr. Grant, meet the Terminator.

Strollin' Through the Park

Though similar to the last title, the graphics lack realism. All the characters look as .if they've been outlined in black crayon, making the game more cartoony. The backgrounds are nice; but they're too reminiscent of other Genesis forests. It's Flashback and Jungle Book combined.

The standard sounds won't send chills down your back. The humans' and dinos' death yells are very similar, and many sounds were ported over from the first title, so don't expect much.

The controls seem difficult because the dinosaur A.I: in this game is faster and more lethal than it was in previous versions. Raptors don't just roam aimlessly waiting to get shot -- they pounce and slash at you. Getting Grant past the dinos will take a lot of shootin' and scootin'.


Jurassic Park was a great title on many platforms. This attempt to cash in on the movie's fame, however, is side-scrolling mediocrity. Plenty of work for the thumbs, but none for the brain. If that sounds like you, then Park it here.


  • At the beginning of the Aviary stage when the Pteranadon is taking you to the nest, shoot everything in sight. If you're lucky, you'll take out a few animals and guards, so there'll be less for you to fight -- on the way down.
  • In the Ruins search the walls for hidden areas. Watch to see if a dinosaur, such as a Cumpy, runs in and out of the walls.
  • On the Cargo Ship you may have to blast ceilings, floors and walls to find accessible entrances or exits.
  • Bombs are very effective against the Pteranadons.

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