"To succeed, Ryu must battle through six American cities, punching and kicking opponents who appear both in front and behind him."

Ninja Gaiden

a game by Tecmo

Adventure/RPG, Platformer / Sega GenesisNESSega Master System



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  • Manufacturer: Atari
  • Machine: Lynx
  • Type: Action
  • No. of Levels: 5
  • Release: July 1991
  • Difficulty: Average

Ninja Gaiden on the Atari Lynx is a direct translation from the original coin-op arcade classic. All of the original moves are retained, as well as the enemies, round bosses, cinema displays, and power-ups!! Learn to master the various techniques like the off the wall jump and the over the shoulder flip throw. Follow Hiryu through all 5 levels as he attempts to rid New York of an evil crime syndicate.

People say:


An excellent conversion of an excellent game. Ninga Gaiden hits the mark on all counts. There are lots of good moves and the scrolling is very smooth. Lyke Warbirds, this shows what the Lynx is capable off, even with its small screen. One of the best Lynx games produced.


Ninja Gaiden on the Lynx is probably the best version this side of the original arcade game. It also has the smoothest scrolling and the animation of all the Lynx titles. Very intense action for the small screen and not a cakewalk as some of the other games were.


Ninja Gaiden is very impressive. The animation, graphics, and game play are all there. It is the best translation of the arcade game. Lots of moves and a ton of enemies to use them on. The sound could use a little work. Ninja Gaiden is definitely one of the best game for the Lynx.


Nice job, dudes! The Ninja Gaiden coin-op never looked better. Maybe a little. Anyway, this is still a marvelous job done bringing home one of the most popular action games of all time. How they got it all into a little Atari Lynx card is beyond me!! Keep 'em comin'.

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Ninja Gaiden

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Nintendo / Tecmo
  • Type: Action
  • Levels: 7
  • Difficulty: Avg.

The sequel to the smash hit of '89, finally hits the NES! Ninja GaiDen continues the adventures of Ryu Hayabusa as he works to destroy evil and rescue the pretty Irene.

A new master of darkness, Ashtar, has resurrected the dead armies of Jaquio and plans to take over the world with the new Sword of Chaos. New intermissions, characters and storylines compliment action familiar to Ninja GaiDen fans.

People say:


Ninja GaiDen 2 lives up to its predecessor in game play and surpasses it in graphics and intermissions. Part two has more levels, different environments and all new shadow Ninjas. Although some power-ups are missing, the game is great from beginning to end!


Probably the best sequel ever made with near-perfect graphics, challenging game play and intermissions which entice you to always go round further. Other than the difficult game play in higher levels, Ninja GaiDen 2 is as good as an action game can get!


Unbelievable! This has got to be the best looking Nintendo game ever made! The backgrounds are spectacular and the cinema displays are absolutely amazing! Excellent game play make this super sequel one of the best new games of the year! A truly AWESOME challenge!


There's no denying the fact that Ninja GaiDen 2 is a superb game. It outdoes the original in nearly every department. It's addictive and the intermission and story are terrific. Using the same Bosses that were in the first game is a let-down, but it's still worth the price of admission.

Now for your Game Boy! Fight with the all new Ninja Gaiden "Shadow" through his awesome new adventure, in the future.

Collect the secret ninja power-ups to gain energy and ninja life force. Use the new ninja "Ninchaku" Rope and the "Art of the Fire Wheel" to defeat your enemies. Use your proven ninja skills, and techniques to fight your way through the many challenging new levels and "Bosses".


  1. Single player action
  2. Superior graphics
  3. Special power-ups
  4. Hidden ninja life force
  5. New ninja skills
  6. Challenging new "Bosses"

Ryu Hyabusa is back in this, the fourth Ninja Gaiden game. While strongly resembling the original arcade game (even more so than the Lynx version) Ryu now has powers and moves never before seen in a home version. The character is huge, as are the enemies he must face. Spectacular parallax scrolling and smooth fluid movements all add up to the best version of this game yet! Now, if only SOA can bring it out over here!

Hudson is bringing the popular Ninja Gaiden series to the PC Engine! While similar in style and appearance to the NES version, the graphics have been revamped with more colors and detail. Your quest takes you to many different lands to defeat the evil Jaquio, who has put your father under his control. PC Engine owners should not miss this one!

Everything from the cinema displays to the end Bosses have been faithfully translated.

The popular arcade game is now it is been converted to the Game Gear. Trash some evil ninjas with your sword before they get you!

Arcade action!

This visual masterpiece for the Atari Lynx system sports intense graphics and excellent sounds. Ninja Gaiden has all the excitement, power ups, and weaponry of the original coin-op classic. Rare is a game translation that retains the phenomenal feel of its parent game.

A particular surprise in Ninja Gaiden is the graphic integrity of the backgrounds and character animation. The colors are vibrant and lack no luster at all. Also, the animations are brilliant and smooth.

Lastly, Ninja Gaiden consists of the one thing that few games offer: marvelous player control and response. Fans of the original Ninja Gaiden will be pleasantly thrilled with this rendition. Every aspect of the game flows smoothly and cleanly. Bravo, Atari!!

"Say it ain't so, Ryu." You know it ain't. Ryu didn't do in Irene, he was framed. Prove it by bringing the real culprit to justice, the despicably evil Clancy.


  • Pound Clancy in his super robo-suit with the Art of the Fire Wheel. When he raises his arm to summon lightning bolts, move quickly in either direction and you'll be unscathed.
  • Stand on either platform and slash Clancy the demon on his head. Leap in-between the mini-fireballs and run for your life in either direction when the monster fireball forms.
  • Strike the mho-insect final boss in its cabin but watch out for tow blows from the underbelly's defenses. After the cab explodes, aim for the exposed heart and avoid the side gunners' shots.

A white-robed ninja joins the ski mask fiend. One-on-one both these guys are no match for average gamers, but a mob of clones swamps you on every level, forcing you to be quick or dead. However, the unlimited continue option still makes this game easy to finish. Your challenge should be to try to finish this game without using any continues.

We recommend Ninja Gaiden as a well-balanced game with plenty to offer dedicated video ninjas. Sometimes you have to create your own challenges.

Ninja Gaiden, the mighty warrior, is a member of a secret police force who possesses unimpeachable credentials and the highest moral values. Armed with his special shuriken and sword Ninja confronts evil forces with super strength and agility, to defend his country, its people, their wealth and ancient traditions. The mystical, magical Ninja challenges his foes in 20 different areas, each with six individualized rounds of play. Now you can enjoy this action-filled Ninja classic at home.

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  • Great game but there are faults, For one you can cause damage to the enemy without making contact, But other than that this is a true arcade game that should grab you to add another coin or two into the machine, Well that was when it was a arcade game now you do not even have to pay a penny.

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