"Mario has to travel back in time to restore artifacts which were stolen from their original times, and, in the NES version, save Yoshi from Bowser."

Mario's Time Machine

a game by The Software Toolworks, and Mindscape

Educational/Kids, Platformer / NESSNES



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It's time to face the facts: First-generation video gamers now have children old enough to play games. Now parental gamers are eager to find not only games they can play with their children, but also games that will help their kids grow and learn. Mario's Time Machine is a great place to start.

ProTip: Spiked mines make you lose all your Mushrooms when you Time Surf.

Bowser Stays after School!

Bowser's back, but he's not kidnapping the Princess or holding the kingdom for ransom. This time he's stolen artifacts from famous historical figures in order to alter the course of history... in his favor! Mario has to use the Time Machine to restore the artifacts to their rightful owners.

Make History No Mystery

The game design is simple, but little kids will need someone with good reading skills and reading comprehension to make this time trip. You sneak into Bowser's museum, snatch the artifacts, and then display a History Sheet, which is a fill- in-the-blanks reading lesson about the owner of the item. The Sheet reveals a year and a location, which you program into the Timulator, Mario's time machine. Next, you take Mario Time Surfing.

The Time Surfing sequence is simple Mode 7 thumb candy. You glide across an ocean, snatch ten mushrooms, drop into a whirlpool, and land at the correct location. Fall in the pool without the 'shrooms, and you're really into ancient history as you hop through a Donkey Kong remake -- a prehistoric obstacle course of rolling boulders.

If the Whirlpool hurls you back to the Donkey Kong prehistoric world, use those classic DK strategies! Climb ropes to avoid boulders. Don't jump up into boulders on the ramps above you. Hold down Y to move more quickly.

When he reaches his destination, Mario talks with characters to find the answers for the History Sheet. You can help out 15 historical figures, including Abraham Lincoln, Marco Polo, Cleopatra, and many others.

The dialogues with historical figures are original and witty, and the scenarios make flesh- and-blood human beings out of people who are usually just static pictures in textbook.

Mario's Time Machine has its flaws. The historical backgrounds feature some imagination, but only Mario adds personality to the graphics. The confusing button sequences needed to set the Timulator are too clunky for little kids, and Time Surfing gets repetitious fast.

Conversations hold all the answers you need.

It's about Time

Make no mistake about it -- this game is meant for kids under 12. Mario's Time Machine is an engaging way for little kids to learn history while having fun.

  • Scan over the answer list when you first display the History Sheet. Maybe you know more than you think!
  • Time Surfing takes time, so to help you remember key facts, jot down notes when you arrive at a destination and begin your research.

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Published and developed by Software Toolworks, Inc., the video game was released in 1993. Bowser now keeps in possession a time machine. He has been to the past time in order to steal lots of artifacts. And has put them to the places that he considers to be the greatest museum of all time. If sooner all the things are not returned, the history will be changed forever. So now it is Mario’s mission not to let Bowser completing his collection.

In the Nintendo Entertainment System version Mario is accompanies by Yoshi that goes too far ahead and Bowser manages to capture Yoshi. The version includes Bowser’s statue, a whole body part and pictures (or paintings) statues of Yoshi and Donkey Kong Junior, and also a statue of a star. The machine looks like an ordinary pipe with a tube inside. Mario has all the important items back to their time, in the end, and after defeating Bowser saves Yoshi.

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