"Super Mario's pet dinosaur, Yoshi, hatches out of his sidekick role and takes center stage in his very own NES game! "


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Super Mario's pet dinosaur, Yoshi, hatches out of his sidekick role and takes center stage in his very own NES game! Yoshi by Nintendo isn't long on graphics and sound, but it's a fun, if limited, puzzler game that Tetris and Dr. Mario fans will get into in a jiff.

The Mario Shuffle

Here's another game that's simple to learn but maddening to master. One or two players (as the famous Italian plumber brothers Mario and Luigi) get buried in a rain of star villains from the Super Mario game series. Little Goombas, Bloobers, Piranha Plants, Boo Buddies, and even Yoshi's eggs fall from the sky and collect on four trays. You dash back and forth between the trays and shuffle them around with the A and B buttons.

Your goal is to match vertical pairs of characters for big points. Each matched set disappears, which keeps the pile from overflowing. The best reward is a hatched Yoshi. You lay down a lower half shell, and then complete the egg with an upper half shell. The more icons you sandwich between the two halves, the bigger your Yoshi bonus score! However, if the stacks bust through the top of the screen, it's game over, partner.

ProTip: Keep your options open! Place an eggshell at the bottom of each stack so that you can score a Yoshi anywhere, any time.


Yoshi's basic premise is solid, but the game's one-dimensional and not as complex as other puzzlers. You can't even make matches in multiple directions. Still, the game keeps you busy with several game settings. A Type is a straight-up, high-scoring affair, and the action gets faster as you match more characters. B Type pre-stacks the screen with icons, and you must clear out the pile to advance to the next stage. An options menu enables you to choose the level of play, alter the game's speed, and select one of three background tunes. Yoshi's graphics are 8-bit average, and the music borders on obnoxious. At least the control is nearly pinprick precise.

  • Plan ahead. Set up your final four characters, so you can take them out in two shots.
  • Beat Level 5 in the B Type game and you'll move on to a new, hidden challenge -- Level 6.

Yoshi for Two

Yoshi's an egg-full of fun when two players go head-to-head in the versus battle. Two-player mode splits the screen, so you both get an unobstructed view. You must clear out your character stacks before your opponent or force them to mess up and push a pile out of bounds. Each time you score a Yoshi, all the characters in-between the eggshell halves are dumped into the opponent's playing field. You can handicap each other to even up the competition.

Complete a seven-character Yoshi to bury the opponent in one fell swoop.

This Dinosaur Delivers

Players in search of another fast-paced, brain-burning puzzler should consider giving Yoshi a call. The game won't have you seeing stars, but it's a nice "tide-me-over" for Tetrisize gamers on the prowl for a new NES challenge with a Mario twist!

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  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • Machine: Game Boy
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: May 1992
  • Theme: Puzzle

Portable EGG-Citement!

Mario's friend and helper, Yoshi is hatching his way into your Game-Boy! With him are some friendly, and not so friendly, characters that you must match in this puzzle game of skill.

The game itself plays somewhat like Tetris; another game by Nintendo. Characters such as ghosts, squids, piranha plants, egg shells and goombas must be matched up as they fall from the top of the screen. You control Mario as he waits at the bottom to catch them. He can hold two stacks of characters at a time. His function is to turn and switch these stacks around so that the characters fall upon their matching characters and disappear.

The more you match, the faster the action gets. Once the top half of an egg shell falls onto the bottom half of the egg shell, a Yoshi will be hatched and various points will be scored. Complete levels for advancement in different modes of play, and choose your level, speed and music for this one or two player addicting game.

In Japan this game is know as Yoshi's Egg and Mario & Yoshi in Europe and Australia. This is single- and multi-player a puzzle video game was released for the Famicom/NES and the Game Boy in 1992.

In the game the player takes control of Luigi or Mario. You must try to keep blocks, that contain monsters and that are falling from the screen top, from piling up so high that they almost get to the top. Mario and Luigi try hard to stop this by switching the different columns of enemy characters backward and forward in order that they are placed beneath different falling objects. If there appears a chain of monsters within the two yoshi egg shells, these egg shells will join together and a Yoshi will shape, removing the monster’s group and adding points. The bigger monsters’ chain between these two eggshells, the bigger created Yoshi will become.

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