"Killer Instinct is a fighting game, that received a high profile launch on the Super Nintendo, as well as on the Game Boy."

Killer Instinct

a game by Rareware

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Killer has finally come home! Home to the 16-bit SNES, that is. This version of Killer isn't flawless, but it is surprisingly addictive and fun to play.

Natural Born Killer

In a bleak and desolate future, one corporation reigns supreme: Ultratech. Makers of advanced weaponry, they are also the sponsors of the top-rated Killer Instinct TV show, in which warriors from all walks (and crawls) of life compete for the right to call themselves the best...and to be granted anything their hearts' desire. The ten warriors slated for this version have many different desires. Some want fame and fortune; others want n all want to pound their enemies into submission.

The range of fighters, from an alien life form to a disgraced heavyweight boxer to Ultra- tech's deadliest robot, possess their own brand of brawling. Some use fists and feet, some use projectiles and claws, while others teleport, slide, and change form to win the battle. There won't be a dull moment during the bouts.

This unique fighting game works on a very fast, very simple, and quite effective combo system. Instead of your normal one-button, one- hit fighting style; you sometimes chain together 3 to 21 hits in a few button presses. While this style of combos is not for everyone and may irk fighting purists, it's certainly entertaining and fun to watch... the first time.

But ultimately, you end up doing a lot of watching. What fun is it to stand by and watch another player of advanced skill whip you until you scream "Uncle!"? Although moves called Combo Breakers enable you to break free from this barrage of beastly brutality, they don't work all the time.

Adding further to the humiliation are...Humiliations. Humiliations are embarrassing moves that totally disgrace your opponent by, for example, farting on them, exposing yourself to them, or otherwise robbing them of their dignity. The many other finishing moves will also do the job of making your enemy feel like a putz.

Basic Instinct

Although the arcade version broke ground with its rendered combatants, don't expect anything close to that here. The graphics are good -- but not great -- with lots of choppy movement and missing frames of animation.


  • Most players have a quick three-hit combo that starts with a Fierce Punch followed by a Medium Kick.
  • If you land a Monster or Awesome combo, try throwing a projectile just before your opponent lands.

The backgrounds are nowhere near the quality of the arcade version, and some of the better background effects, like knocking enemies off the high-rise and onto the roof of a parked car on the street below, were taken out. The scaling in and out of the stages that appeared in the arcade is absent as well.

The sounds vary between okay and awful. Some fighter's sounds are intact, like Sabrewulfs howling and whimpering, but some sound effects, like Fulgore's Teleport, are just a dismal din.

The music permeates each stage with a thumping house mix, but there's little variety. Also missing is the announcement of the combos, which amped the arcade excitement. Control is not too difficult. Special moves can be regularly applied because most are fireball and Dragon Punch motions. You can also easily string together lots of moves for combos. But the tougher combos (like the Ultra and Ultimate) are button presses that need to be performed during another combo, which makes for a lot of confusion on the joypad.

Ki Is OK

If you loved Killer in the arcade, you'll be slightly disappointed but not upset by this version. If you've always wanted to play Killer but were intimidated by the Killer Stinkers who seemed to always hang around the machine, this is a good version to practice on.

All in all, it's a good game with some flaws. It isn't as deep as Street Fighter or as well made as MK II, but it's in contention with those brawlers. Maybe not a Killer, but definitely a felon.

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Killer Instinct

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Killer Instinct is a fighting game released in 1994 by Midway and Nintendo. The game was developed by Rare and was initially released for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and Game Boy. The game was later followed by a spin-off called Killer Instinct 2. Killer Instinct was later on ported to Nintendo 64.

The game is similar to other fighting games. The player controls a character and has to beat an opponent in a one-on-one encounter. The attack moves are borrowed from Street Fighter and the finishing moves are inspired from Mortal Kombat, so we can’t say this game brings something unique to the market. However, it has something that distinguishes the game from other ones.

The player has a double energy bar. Each energy bar can be considered as a round of the battle. If the player loses a life bar, the fight stops and resumes again right away. The player who depletes the rival’s second life bar wins.

Combos can be easily performed in Killer Instinct. Instead of pressing buttons in a specific sequence, players can assign a special move to a key and this leads to the character delivering a string of hits with ease.

Finishing moves are similar to the ones in the Mortal Kombat series. Each character has its own set of finishing moves. The finishing moves can only be applied in special moments of the game, such as the moment when the opponent’s life bar flashes red.

One of the attack moves can be an ultimate combo, which allows a player to deliver a long string of hits, most of the time surpassing 20. If a player is caught within a combo, he can perform a combo breaker. This is a designated move which helps the character to break out of the combo before he is killed.

The story follows Ultratech, which is a powerful megacorporation that organized a tournament called exactly like the game, Killer Instinct. But not only normal competitors fight for the title, but also creatures made by Ultratech, who wants to test their strengths. The megacorporation manages to find a technology which can make bridges between dimensions, and signs up for the tournament a monster called Eyedol from another dimension.

Killer Instinct was well received by the press and players, being rated on GameSpot with a total average of 9 out of 10. The game for SNES received a total feedback of 8.6, while critics and press rated it with 8.2. The game for Game Boy was not a hit and was only rated with 6.7 by the players, and with a humiliating 2.7 by critics and press.

Killer Instinct is a fighting game, that received a high profile launch on the Super Nintendo, as well as on the Game Boy. It was developed by Rare, Midway and Nintendo. Initially released in arcades in 1994, and rumored to use an "Ultra 64" hardware engine, in reality the proprietary arcade hardware was co-developed by Rare and Midway.

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