"The three lone wolves return to clash with new opponents in the "Sultan of Slugs" Battle Royale. After a year in training, forging bodies of steel, Andy, Joe, and Terry take on the world. Fatal Fury 2! Special attacks explode with more action. 3D battles bring you to the next stage in the fighting game evolution. Easy maneuverability and realistic choreography."

Fatal Fury 2

a game by Takara, and SNK

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Fatal Fury 2's making a furious bid in the fighting-game arena. Its 24 megs and first-rate fighting action help it hold its own.

Fatal Attractions

Fatal Fury 2 faithfully mimics the Neo »Geo version and knocks Fatal Fury Genesis out of the ring. You get 12 selectable characters with a repertoire of moves that earns a black belt, including four Special Attacks and a block. Also, if you're almost beaten you can pull a last ditch Super Attack, which scores severe damage.


  • If your opponent jumps in on you and you can't meet him in the air, try a crouching low kick when he lands.
  • Use the projectile attack to counter an opponent's projectile attack.
  • A computer player usually jumps over your projectile attacks with ease.
  • Be quick to pick either high or low blocks and be correct! Overhead attacks usually break through a low block.

An FF holdover is the mildly controversial, uniquely Fatal Fury, three-dimensional movement that allows fighters to move up, down, and diagonally across lines of attack. If you like it, it's a cool (and easy) temporary escape. If you don't, it's cheesy.

FF2 features solid six-but- ton controller support. You can win with the old three-but-ton controller; however, to use the hard kick and the hard punch, you must do the near- impossible: hold down C and then hit A or B.

Practice the diagonal move. Against human players it's good for quick escapes.

Fatal Distractions

Fatal Fury 2 features knockout character graphics and awesome Special Attack animations, easily on par with Street Fighter II Special and Mortal Kombat. Casting a pall over the nice-looking pix are the excessively bright, scrolling backgrounds. They're imaginative, but sometimes it's hard to see an opponent's move!

The sounds try to get serious. Even though the attack effects score, the music makes you snore.

Fatal Transaction?

Fatal Fury 2 is a fistful of Genesis fighting fun, but be sure to play with a six-button controller. The only caveat to cost-conscious consumers: Something special for the SNES is due in the fall -- Fatal Fury Special. Whither the Genesis?

Jubei can follow his projectile shots very quickly.

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Fatal Fury 2

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Sequel, sequel, SEQUEL! This seems to be the latest rage in the video gaming industry. Make a great game, wait a year, and then make a sequel. The funny thing about all this is... we love it! A great game deserves a sequel, and SNK's Fatal Fury 2 is a great sequel.

Terry and Andy Bogard (love that name) are back with their karate-bud Joe Higashi. This time around, however, we have the option to pick between eight characters (including the original three)! Wait until you check out Big Bear, Mai Shiranui or Kim Kaphwan to name a few. SNK made Fatal Fury 2 even more tasty by adding a same player vs. same player option! Wow!

Graphics and sound have been slightly improved, and each character still has the ability to execute devastating special moves. Fatal Fury 2 is a sequel that is definitely worthy of its namesake!


  • It's a simple fact of life; you make a sequel of a good movie, game or whatever, and immediately the sequel is judged by the merits of its predecessor. Fatal Fury 2 is one of those sequels that is good enough to stand on its own.

The graphics and all-around playability of the game are excellent. The same character vs. same character option, while not original, is a good addition. But all else, this game is fun to (and let's face it folks - that's the most important thing!). Great job SNK!


Fatal Fury 2

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

This may be the game that proves you don't need a Neo∙Geo home system' to play Neo∙Geo fighting games. This early version of Takara's Fatal Fury 2 translation for the SNES has the graphics and the speedy game play that made the game a classic in the 100 Mega Shock series for the Geo.

Fatal and Furious

Fatal Fury 2 looks like a heavyweight contender. Takara's kept intact the gorgeous background scenery, the foreground and background fighting shifts, and each character's special moves.

The sprites are large and in charge, and although some system limitations are evident, the scrolling looks smooth, and the main character sprites are clean and colorful.

You're fighting to avenge the death of the Bogards' father, -'who was killed by the notorious Geese Howard. You can play as any of the eight original characters, including Mai Shiranui, the Bogard boys, or Jubei Yamada. After defeating each of the first eight characters in a standard best-of-three match, you have to go against three bosses to reach the last boss, Wolfgang Krauser.

Fight for Your Right

It looks like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat will get a run for their money when Fatal Fury 2 hits the shelves. Here are some awesome scenes from the game to tide you over until then.


Fatal Fury 2

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Fatal Fury 2 is a video game in the Fatal Fury franchise, developed and published in 1992 for Neo Geo arcade and home platforms. The game was released by SNK as is a follow-up to Fatal Fury 1, released with one year before. The game is a head-to-head fighting style featuring characters from the first game as well.

Geese Howard, the local crime boss from the first game, dies in the end of the original Fatal Fury, but someone else becomes the sponsor of the new “King of Fighters” tournament. However, this character is mysterious and we only get to meet him later on in the game. This time the tournament is not only held in North America, but all over the world, and features fighters from all the corners of the planet. The mysterious challenger starts to defeat all the participants from the previous Fatal Fury game, while being in search of the person who defeated Geese during the last tournament.

There were only three playable characters in the first game, but in the second one, besides Terry, Andy and Joe, there are five more. Big Bear (also known as Raiden – from the first game), Jubei Yamada, Cheng Sinzan, Kim Kaphwan (a Taekwondo master from Korea) and Mai Shiranui are all playable characters.

There are only four CPU-controlled characters, with Billy Kane, Axel Hawk, Laurence Blood and Wolfgang Krauser being all of them. Billy Kane is a fighting master from the UK who seeks revenge on the Bogard brothers and Joe. Axel Hawk is a retired boxing champion who wants to make his comeback, while Laurence Blood is a former matador. Wolfgang Krauser is the mysterious nobleman who sponsors the tournament, and wants to avenge Geese’s downfall.

The game was released for several platforms, such as Neo Geo CD and Neo Geo AES, but also on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), X68000, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, GameBoy and PC. Some of those versions allowed the player to choose CPU-controlled characters. The version for PAL Sega Mega Drive is rare and can cost up to $200 on the internet. Hudson Soft is the company which published the game for PC in Japan. Later on the game was made available for Wii Virtual Console and PlayStation 2.

The game was received fairly well in 1992 and got very good feedback since then. Critics and press on GameFAQs rated the sequel with 6.7, while users rated it with 6.2. One review on GameRankings rated the game with 7.2 out of 10. Critics and users on GameSpot rated the game with a total average of 7.8 out of 10.

The game is the follow up of the fighting about Bogart Bros. The choice of characters has extended, 8 for a single game and 12 for a separate fight and a knock out match (you choose 5 fighters who serially fight with 5 fighters of your opponent; when one fighter loses the power, it is replaced by the other fighter).

The graphics and sound have improved, so the progress in the game is obvious. The game is recommended for all the admirers of the fightings.

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