"You are cast as Master Higgins, a bouncy and nimblefooted hero who ventures out to the balmy South Pacific to save the beautiful Princess Leilani from the clutches of the evil Witch Doctor. "

Adventure Island

a game by Hudson Soft

Platformer / NES



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  • Manufacturer: Hudson Soft USA
  • Machine: Nintendo

Do you want to go on a vacation in the South Pacific? Come join Master Higgins on his vacation and see what trouble he can get into. Walk on clouds, ride a skateboard, throw a tomahawk. Look for hidden items to help you beat the Monsters. Can you elude those that are trying to beat you? How high can you jump? Can you get enough bonus points to get help... Can you travel the whole island without being beaten? How good a video game player are you? Will you take the challenge and go with Master Higgins on vacation?!

People say:

  1. Most exciting game I've ever played!
  2. I can't put this game down. I played for 21 hours!

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Adventure Island

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

No Fantasy Island

You are cast as Master Higgins, a bouncy and nimblefooted hero who ventures out to the balmy South Pacific to save the beautiful Princess Leilani from the clutches of the evil Witch Doctor. While hopping from island to island and cloud to cloud, you must survive against a barrage of attacks from giant snails, leaping octopuses and swordfish. As you hurl axes at the advancing sea creatures, you can boost your energy by plucking tropical fruits, like bananas and pineapples, from the air. As you reach the caverns, you are greeted by pesky bats, cobras, skullheads, and falling icicles. Once you get to the forest, beware the spiders, sly foxes, and frogs.

Adventure Island consists of eight grueling areas with four action-packed rounds in each area. At the end of each area is a boss whom you must defeat to proceed on your quest. But Higgins is continually losing energy as the game progresses and you must pick up fruit or milk to regain stamina.

At the end of each round, grabbing the bonus pot doubles your points. Cracking hidden eggs along your path could reveal more power-ups like a milk bottle (full energy) or even a skateboard to speed you around the island. Occasionally, the right egg rewards you with a miniature fairylike creature named Honey Girl who hovers behind you and renders you invincible for several seconds.


  • Fight off sea creatures as you hop from cloud to cloud.
  • Watch out for dangerous creatures -- eliminate them before they get too close.

But picking the wrong egg could reveal the dreaded egg-plant which drains your energy supply!

Your journey also reveals several bonus rounds. If Higgins is standing in the right place at the right time, a platform magically appears and elevates him to the bonus round.

Beware the seventh area, where hopping precariously along shifting ledges becomes very difficult. More unexpected hazards hinder your progress... be careful not to plunge into the dark abyss or crack the wrong egg! If you get past this area, you have the makings of a real hero.

Will you be able to save the Princess from a tragic fate?

  • To help defeat the evil bosses, stay very close and let him throw fireballs past you...after he throws, jump up and throw your axe at his head.
  • To find the first bonus round, go to area 1, round 1, section 3...stand in front of the fifth totem pole, and away you go to the bonus round!
  • Throughout the game there are magic areas, where either a bonus round or egg will appear. An easy way to find these: throw your axe...if it disappears, you're in a magic area!
  • Manufacturer: Hudson Soft
  • Machine: NES

Peter Siamidis of Montreal, Quebec, Canada gave us a valuable continue tip for this tough scrolling game. If you jump right before the "G" sign at the end of Area 1 (see picture above), you'll find an egg with the Hudson bee in it. If you pick up the bee, you'll be able to continue unlimited times by hitting L and START when your game is over - actually, we discovered that if your controller is in any position other than center, the continue will work. You can only get the bee on your first game - hitting the reset button won't bring it back. Thanks to Peter for that hint.

The "Wonder Boy" for Nintendo! Great graphics and plenty of action insure lots of thrills!


Adventure Island

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Hudson Soft's main master of disaster and island hoppin' homey, Master Higgins, has stamped his jungle jumpin' time card four times on three Nintendo game systems. Well, Adventure Island III puts the Master's retirement plans on hold once again. Jeannie Jungle is abducted by space mutants!

That's right, outer space creeps make off with Higgins' fave babe-a-lidous companion. To save face and friend, the Master must plow through eight all-new, but still familiar, NES islands of adventure. Hudson's third Island installment follows the established format and doesn't stray in the slightest from the beaten path.

The Danger Zones

The space goons learn a lesson from the Master's old nemesis, the Witch Doctor, and set up a similar eight island obstacle course to confound Higgins. Our heroic jungle man hops through deserts, forests, waterfalls, volcanoes, caverns, and lakes in search of Jeannie J. The side-view levels are colorful but blocky looking. A few days in this paradise is a big dose of déjà vu. After a while, it all looks the same. Island II vets will also recognize the decent sounding, but recycled, jungle tunes.

ProTip: Walk slowly forward in Island 8's volcano areas. Stand in the center of a lava shower to avoid being scorched.

Island Axetion

As always, Higgins' control is sweet and simple. His tried-and-true moves include running, jumping, ducking, swimming, and shooting. The Master's attacking arsenal is nearly unchanged from Adventure Island II. His primary weapons are an axe and a boomerang. He can also catch a ride aboard five varieties of friendly dinosaurs: Taylor flicks his tail, Magma breathes fire, Don-Don flies in the sky, Classie swims undersea, and a new steed, Poley, rolls and bowls over enemies. Higgins can also cruise the beaches on his trademark skateboard.

  • Toss boomerangs to knockout boulders. Don't try this stunt with an axe.
  • Roll Poley down hills to defeat gangs of island enemies.

A handy feature from the last Island is back in full force. Upon completing an area, Higgins can horde his weapons and dino buds for future use! This is especially helpful in the later, more lethal levels. The Master gets unlimited continues, and he keeps his full stock of items even when the game's over.

Egg-cellent Items

The Master's prehistoric pals aren't the only feature back from extinction. The ever popular egg items have also been reincarnated. Higgins must crack open the eggs to win prizes. In addition to weapons and dinosaurs, he'll find the Honey Girl for invincibility, a time stopper, and keys which lead to bonus rounds. More valuable hidden eggs can warp the Master past an entire island!

  • Hidden eggs absorb your shots. Throw axes or boomerangs everywhere to pinpoint their locations.
  • Leap directly on top of eggs to avoid knocking them into bottomless pits.
  • You'll find a pterodactyl warp on Island 2-3, the Ice Cave. Look for another warp on Island 5.

Higgins' lifeline is on automatic countdown, so he's in constant danger of keeling over due to malnutrition. Don't fret, the Master gets the pick of the fruit and vegetable crop. Bananas, berries, pineapples, milk, and even pork chops extend his strength, and 100 such collectable delectables translates into an extra life.

Tropical Terrorists

Like much of Adventure Island III, the jungle nasties are old hat for Higgins. He matches wits with uninspired, but ever-dangerous, creatures such as flying swordfish, springing octopuses, bats, fire-breathing snakes, and pig-headed warriors. The space mutants deposit a big, ugly, boss baddie at the end of each island.

Duck on the left hillside and toss axes to sting Island 1's Scorpion boss.

Join the Club

Playing the latest NES Adventure Island game is like watching a new episode of "Gilligan's Island". You've never seen it before, but it still seems like a rerun. Adventure Island III is another massive, ultra-challenging, island-hopping addition to a classic series, but the game's structure and presentation are nearly identical to its forefathers'. The action's solid, but it's repetitive and familiar side-scrolling fare. The graphics and sounds are a grade or two below top-of-the-line NES games, such as Super Mario Bros. 3.

Despite the predictable failings, Adventure Island III is a good choice for first-time Islanders and those itching to rescue Jeannie J. one more time. Like the earlier 8-bit entries, the third should induce a mild case of Island Fever.

Princess Leilani was kidnapped and taken to Adventure Island in the South Pacific. The island is thick with tropical forest, caves, ocean and mountains. Many dangerous demons and creatures are waiting for you. Are you up for the challenge?! Can you live through Adventure Island to save Princess Leilani?

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