Adventure Island 2

a game by Hudson Soft

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Jeannie Jungle, the love of Master Higgins, has been kidnapped once again - by a flying saucer! Help Higgins rescue her in this sequel to the original Adventure Island hit.

Comb the exotic and dangerous islands while battling birds, penguins, crabs and other nasties. You must collect power-ups in order to replenish your life meter and to advance. A lizard or two may help you along the way ... if you're lucky!

People say:


If it weren't for SMB 2 on the black and white portable, this cart would be in contention for the title of best action cart! Adventure Island 2 is the perfect companion to SMB 2, with slick graphics, nice pace and the right action. Throw in power-ups, multiple passages and super challenge and you get a great game!


This is not only an outstanding version of Adventure Island, but this is one of the best Game Boy carts to come out in a long time. The game plays very well considering the small screen and all of the familiar play mechanics of the series is built in. A great game to play when you're on a long trip as it's easy on the eyes.


Another high quality GB cart! Road trip to Vegas anyone? NOT! This sequel features improved graphics and sounds as well as better game play. The addition of the dino buddies and storing up weapons for the beginning of the round is a plus. Lots of levels and plenty of challenge. A little blurry at times but still very good.


Adventure Island 2 does just what a sequel should do, and improves on its predecessor! The graphics, though blurry, are much more detailed than the original, and the added option of gaining dinosaurs as well as the ability to switch weapons before starting a round are excellent. Though in B&W, it's a solid title.

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Break out the sunscreen and take off for Adventure Island II.

That Evil Witch Doctor's at it again. He's grabbed your latest honey and dares you to do something about it. But this is no day at the beach. You've gotta fight your way past EIGHT treacherous islands! Including a Dinosaur Kingdom with some of the creepiest critters ever to slither across a video screen. Volcanoes. Avalanches. Giant Scorpions. Killer Cobras. We're talkin' one tough Witch Doctor here! And the action really heats up with a new vertical/horizontal scroll. Plus, stage select lets you control play. ADVENTURE ISLAND II. A sure-fire scorcher! Look for it wherever you buy the best video games.

Ride on a friendly dinosaur as you cross the deserts, mountains, and swim under the sea!

Hudson s favorite island boy is coming back for a second time in their sequel to Adventure Island. In this game you must explore 64 areas in 8 different settings ranging from a hot arid desert, to a snow covered mountain range, down into the depths of the sea and of course, the familiar steamy jungle island. The hidden bonus rounds are back for you to find as is the familiar Hudson Bee. Blast through the levels on your skateboard or hitch a ride on one of the helpful island creatures. Blow away the snakes, snails, sea monsters and mountain beasts as you again try to save the princess!

Get the skateboard, and wipe out the snakes as you look for the bonus levels in 8 new lands

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