"The gameplay combines pseudo-3d driving in the graphical style of Outrun with side-scrolling action as the player controls a police officer driving to and then moved through various seedy locations in a one-man war against crime."


a game by Razorsoft

Action, Racing, Platformer / Sega Genesis



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RazorSoft has converted the computer version of this game over to the Genesis. In it you are a law enforcement officer of the 21st century called Technocop. Your job is to singlehandedly eliminate a group of terrorists called D.O.A. You quest consists of two parts. The first puts you behind the wheel of a VMAX Twin Turbo and you blow away the scum you pass on the road. Your crime computer leads you to the second part - tenement buildings infested with killer rats and terrorists. There you must patrol the halls and blow away (literally) the punks after you. Get by them and go after the D.O.A. gladiator. Do this and you're back in your car to race to the next emergency in search of the D.O.A. Kingpin!

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