"The game consists of hitting the enemies and targets, in order to win, each target has a set a number of tons (t) of resistance. Once they are depleted, they will be defeated."

Sonic Blastman

a game by Taito

Fighting Games / SNES



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  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: 1993
  • Theme: Action


Could this be the new hero of the 90's? Sonic Blast Man comes at you with his super-powered boxing gloves to take on evil wherever it lurks! Included in this romp and stomp are many moves that our hero can execute. Powered-up punches, body throws, shaking your enemies and sonic blasts are a few of the attacks available to you.

Encounter numerous enemies including thugs, dangerous women, ghosts and mechanized warriors! Fight up to the bonus stage, and you will have to save an innocent bystander from a mean menace. Earn plenty o' points! Vivid descriptions are plentiful throughout this game, and they give it a comic Super Hero feel. Whether walking through the streets or buildings, trouble will find you! With multiple stages of unstoppable action, this game will literally be a smash hit!

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