"NBA Jam is a basketball arcade game developed by Midway in 1993. It is the first entry in the NBA Jam series."


a game by Acclaim, and Iguana

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Basketball's bad boys are all lined up for a one-on-one hoop holiday that delivers fast action, quick moves, and awesome slams. But don't let the smooth taste fool yal Some parts of this game could've been better.

ProTip: Try crossing up opposing players in the cower by attempting to steal. The shot clock will wear down faster than you can say "Boom shakalaka!"

In Yo Face!

NBA Jam for the Genesis delivers the fast-paced, frenzied, arcade-style game play, but it pulls back on the graphics just a bit. As for the sound, well, of course it couldn't match the arcade machine's, but let's just say that you'll hear better background noise on AM radio.

You play as one of 27 teams, stomping down the courts on your way to glory. And although the match-ups are good, the question remains: Where's Shaq? (Cornin' to his own game, eventually.) Players are shown with meters under their names to highlight each individual's strengths and weaknesses in areas such as Defense, Dunks, Speed, and Three Pointers. Pick these carefully, because a hot three- point shooter may mean the difference between a W and an L. Play against the computer, with a friend against the computer, or against a friend. Get a Sega Team Player and you can play with four players! You can keep a record of your wins, and get back in the action with a password feature.

Hangin' on the Him

The sights in NBA Jam for the Genesis far outweigh the sounds. The graphics are clean, but they're not as defined as those in the SNES version. The players seem more colorful, but less sharp here (compare the pics yourself). The speed of the players is about the same, with the Genesis being just a tiny bit faster than the SNES version. The crowd remains as listless and lifeless as the crowd at an Air Supply concert.

The sounds don't get much above Air Supply either. Forget rockin' your speakers. You're | lucky if your volume control goes to the left of "0." The announcer sounds as excited about the game as the fans are. All the great arcade sound effects, like sneaker-squeaking and net-swishing, are muted, as if the players were underwater.

If you go for the long shot, Turbo a man down to the basket to grab (or fight foij the rebound.

The three-button controls (steal, block, shoot) are as simple as in the arcade version. The players are easy to maneuver, and you'll quickly get the hang of slammin' on the turbo with Button B. You can also, of course, make some of the most awesome slam dunks in video hoops history.

When you're "On Fire,'' you can Goal Tend until the cows come home.

Occasionally, the computer cheats enormously. This is frustrating, especially when you're driving to win and the computer scores two, three, maybe four times in a row! And don't expect to see the ref make an appearance unless you're Goal Tending. The game is much more fun as a multiplayer contest.

Two of the most balanced players are Pippen (Chicago) and Mounting (Charlotte).

Jam Sandwich

Don't let all that deter you, though. This game's still a first- rate ball bouncer, and one of the best hoops games out there, especially when you ram it on home with a Tarzan Slam or a 360-degree Rim- Rocker. Acclaim's gone for the slam dunk with NBA Jam, and although it's not an exact translation of the arcade, it's still gonna score big with most fans of the classic coin op. This one's more fun than an NBA contract.

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Download NBA Jam
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

It's here! The biggest, baddest, rim-rockinest b-ball coin-op extravaganza finally makes it to the SNES. Although the ball comes up just short of the basket a couple of times, this is one you gotta have!


  • Be careful when you jump to steal the ball after an opposing player takes a shot If you're called for Goal Tending, the other team is awarded the points. Try tapping the Pass and Turbo buttons when you go up, and you'll pass the ball, but barely touch it.
  • if you try to steal and you knock down a player (but they retain the ball), go back and by the steal again. You should get the ball this time.

You Gotta Jam!

There are no rules, no refs, and no regrets as you press down the boards on your way to glory.

You play as one of 27 NBA two-man teams. You can play as either one of the two men on your team, and each team member has a meter of strengths and weaknesses: Some are slam masters; others are three-point princes. You're trying to beat each of the other teams and become the NBA Jam champs. A password system lets each player save their progress, and the passwords can be plugged into different games.

  • Don't drain your Turbo. Save some for defending the rim.
  • Keep your finger on the Turbo button as you hit the Steal button, and you should be able to wrestle the ball away from an opposing player.

You can play against a bud or the computer, or you and a friend can play on the same team against the CPU. With the Hudson Multitap you can get up to four players on the court at a time.

The additional buttons on the SNES controller make the shoot, steal, and block controls easy. The players move smoothly, and it's easy to kick in the Turbo using the R or L trigger on top of the pad.

The multiplayer game play is a blast. The computer, though, likes to make shots that only a player's mother could hope for. Being 20 points ahead only means that the computer will score seven three-pointers in the last ten seconds.

Boo! Shakalaka

The player sprites are smooth and clean, better than those in the Genesis version. The speed is just as fast as you would have expected for this hot-shot game, although a tad slower than in the Genesis. The graphics for the Super Slam Dunks are superb. The detail on the players is not as good as in the arcade, but it's close. A little crowd movement would have improved the view.

The sound in this game, though, needs to be sent to the showers. If you loved the speaker-shakin' arcade sounds, you're in for some letdown when you hear the SNES game's "Boom shakalaka" and the derisive "Can't buy a bucket." They sound like they're coming from the rusty end of a tin can telephone.

Go for the Glory

Forget the sound, though. Once you start playing this one-on-one basketball game, you're gonna want to go for it all. Sharp graphics, easy controls, and great game play make this one worth bringing home. Even if it's not an exact translation, it's a good one -- and the better of the two game versions. Just be prepared to eat a little parquet now and then.


Download NBA Jam
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

NBA Jam is a basketball arcade game developed and launched in 1993 by Midway. Mark Turmell was the main designer and programmer, writing the NBA Jam as the first entry in the NBA series of games. NBA Jam was one of the first sports simulation games ever. The arcade versions features squads from the 1992-1993 NBA season, while the console versions uses rosters from the 1993-1994 NBA season. Sega CD, Game Boy and Game Gear released later in 1994 more up-to-date ports.

Michael Jordan was unfortunately not available in the game, due to the fact that he owns the rights for his name and likeness, and not NBA. Therefore Chicago Bulls wasn't able to feature him. Gary Payton and Shaquille O'Neal were both absent from the game as well. Drazen Petrovic and Reggie Lewis were both removed from the first version of the game due to the fact that they died after the release.

NBA Jam only featured 2 on 2 basketball, but consider this game was released 18 years ago and it was one of the first playable sports arcade games. There were only two players available from each team for both Western and Eastern Conference, so the gamers could not choose from all their favorites stars. NBA Jam was also one of the first games featuring NBA-licensed teams and players, but also one of the first games digitalizing players' likenesses.

The game was received well at that time, but there were many flaws to it. Players could jump more times than their own height, making slam dunks possible for everyone, though in reality is not that easy. Fouls, throws or violations (except the 24 second violation) were missing from the game. Players could elbow their opponents out of their way. The game featured an "on fire" feature, meaning that a player who scored three times in row would have unlimited turbo, increased shooting ability and no goaltending until the other team scored, or the player had scored four consecutive times while "on fire".

The fun part of the game was when users were able to unlock hidden players, by using special codes. Former US President Bill Clinton and several Mortal Kombat characters were available among others. However, due to the violence talks at that time regarding Mortal Kombat characters, they were removed from the game.

There were many sequels to the game afterwards, with most of them being received well by the public. The game is today available for all range of consoles, from PC and Xbox, to PlayStation and Wii. Over the time NBA Jam was sold in millions of copies and is today one of the most appreciated sport simulation games on the market.

NBA Jam is a two-on-two basketball arcade game. It was created by Midway in 1993. You can play any NBA team, and you can play as players like Barkley, Starks, Pippen, and Grant. The arcade version features team rosters from the 1992-93 NBA season and the console versions use rosters from the 1993-94 NBA season. Each human player controls a single player, so choose your squad wisely to take team-mate skill into account. Players can perform unrealistic slam-dunks.

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