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Are 16-bit systems dead? Sega throws dirt on the coffin with Marsupilami.

You play as the title character, a long-tailed jungle cat who escapes the circus, along with Bonelii the elephant. The 25 seen-it-before stages would be easy to dear if it weren't for Bonelli. You collect snack food for your big buddy, help him get over a few obstacles, and whack a few bad guys with your tail.

Marsupilami is packaged as a kid's game, but the stiff controls and quick timer make the puzzle solving tough and may drive younger gamers to tears. The perky, comical animations are pleasant enough, but the plunky, happy circus music grates. In short, keep this cat confined at your nearest retailer.

ProTip: After he's had some water, jump on the Bonelli's back extinguish the flaming hoop.

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