"Aladdin is one of the finest platformers ever. It combines pick-up-and-play gameplay with one of the smoothest game engines out there, as well as some of the most detailed graphics ever."


a game by The Walt Disney Company, Virgin, and Capcom

Action, Arcade Classics, Platformer / Sega GenesisNESSNESSega Master System






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It's a classic story about a boy, a girl, and a Genie, and Capcom has translated it almost perfectly for the SNES. Although the game play is geared towards a younger audience, most SNES owners would be proud to make a wish and find this one on their shelves.

A Whole New World

The Grand Vizier Jafar has sinister plans for the kingdom of Agrabah, and those plans include a magic lamp with an all-powerful Genie inside. Also included in his wicked designs are the beautiful Princess Jasmine, who wants nothing to do with Jafar (or arranged marriages in general). Enter Aladdin, a young thief who becomes entangled in Jafar's plans and ensnared by Jasmine's beauty.

You must guide Aladdin through seven fairly easy run-n-fight action/adventure levels in a search for the lamp, and eventually for Jasmine. You'll take a roller coaster ride on a magic carpet, jump and swing your way through the market at Agrabah, save Abu inside a desert pyramid, and fight a whole host of heavies like the sultan's guards, archers, falling boulders, sand falcons, and snakes, snakes, snakes!

  • If you collect 10 Red Gems for every stage, you'll see a different ending, but you cannot use passwords or continue. Good Luck!
  • In the market scene, jump off the heads of people looking out of the windows to reach valuable power-up items like Red Gems and White Rugs.

    Aladdin's armed in this quest with...Apples? Well, actually, Aladdin uses the Apples to stun the guards, and then he jumps on their heads to get rid of them. Similar to the movie, there's no daring swordplay or chair-tossing heroics. Still, Aladdin does get to swing from any object that he can latch himself onto, like chains, lamps, and stalagmites. He also hangs (a la Prince of Persia) from the edges of most objects, such as cliffs and flying platforms. If you find White Rugs, you can jump off death-defying ledges and float to safety.

  • In the first cave of the second stage, just after the chest with the Scarab in it, you'll see a bat. Jump on the bat to reach a ledge, and then head right for a 1-up.
  • Jump off bats to snag Red Gems.

There are also 1-ups, Blue and Red Gems (Blues are worth one Gem, Reds are worth three), and Treasure Chests strewn throughout each stage. If you collect 100 Gems, you get an extra heart for your life bar. The Treasure Chests contain hearts, food to replenish your hearts, and gold Scarabs which whisk you to a bonus round at the end of the stage. In the bonus rounds, you spin the Genie of fortune to try and obtain more hearts, 1-ups, or continue credits.

It's in the Genies

The graphics in Aladdin are diminutive but clean. Although a larger main character sprite would have been nice, the lush, detailed backgrounds make up for it. The swinging, running and jumping are smooth, despite some slowdown against the final boss. Although the animation isn't as spectacular as those found in the Genesis version, there are some really humorous animations, like Abu almost losing it at a cliffs edge, or the Genie hamming it up in his lamp.


  • As you run through the molten lava caverns, remember that you can bounce off of any rock, including the dangerous-looking pointy rocks that bob up and down in the lava.
  • There's a Red Gem hidden in the clouds just before the exit to the first Genie stage.

The music features some songs from the movie ("A Whole New World," "Friend like Me"), but the rest of the background music is bland and forgettable. A digitized voice for the Genie would have made the sound a lot more entertaining.

To float, grab the Genie balloons inside the Genie's Lamp from below. Or, jump on them to spring to other hidden spots.

Controlling Aladdin is as simple as tossing Apples. It's one button to run, one to jump, and one to throw. The real challenge is landing squarely on an opponent's head, but you'll get the hang of it after some practice.

You Ain't Never Had A Game Like Me!

Great graphics and wonderful game play aside, this game presents no real challenge to the average gamer. It shouldn't take more than one afternoon of your time, especially with the inclusion of a password feature. It's a great time for kids under 12, though, who will thrill to the wonders of the Disney movie over and over again through this game. See if you can beat the evil doings of the Grand Vizier Jafar, then hand the game over to your little brother or sister, or your kids, and let them do some wishin' of their own.

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Courtesy of Capcom, Disney's biggest animated hit movie to date is coming to the SNES's small screen, so make a wish and get ready for a whole new world of adventure.

Prince Ali

If you haven't seen the movie, see it! In the meantime, here's the story. Evil Jafar has stolen the lovely Princess Jasmine. Street thief, Aladdin, and his faithful monkey companion, Abu, are trying to rescue Jasmine from Jafar's clutches in seven levels of enchanting action and adventure. Their search takes them through the streets of Agrabah, across the Desert, into the Sultan's dungeons, through the Cave of Wonders and more.

This side-scrolling one-player game captures the look and feel of the original animated movie, including Disney-approved graphics that feature the movie's characters -- Aladdin, Jasmine, lago, Abu, the Magic Carpet and, of course, the Genie -- as well as a nasty horde of Jafar's cohorts. Cinematic storyline sequences follow the movie's plot to heighten the game's action.

No game based on Aladdin would work without the hit music from the movie, and this version of Aladdin includes, "Never Had a Friend Like Me," and "A Whole New World." Humming along is half the fun.

Your Wish is Our Command

Disney and Capcom are prepared to make all your video game wishes come true with Aladdin. Join them for adventure beyond your wildest imagination.


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Street rats and riff & raff gather round. One of your own is about to make video game history thanks to the magic of Disney, Virgin Games, and Sega. Disney's Aladdin is one of the most beautiful video games to date.

A Whole New World

Disney's licensed many of their gorgeous animated characters to different companies for translation into video games. This Genesis version of Aladdin, however, marks Disney's first foray into actual design of a video game. In tandem with Virgin Games, and using a special new design process called Digi-Cel, Disney animators have designed the animations and moves throughout Aladdin -- and it shows!


  • Don't forget that Aladdin can swing across ladders and ropes to cross difficult areas.
  • Search for this Merchant in any of the levels. He'll sell Aladdin 1-ups and other goodies. Remember to collect gems, so you'll have the cash to purchase the goodies.

Make Three Wishes and Call Me in the Morning

Aladdin was nothing more than a lonely Street thief who struggles through the streets of Agrabah trying to survive. All that changed the day he met the lovely and mysterious Princess Jasmine. Now evil Jafar's kidnapped the Princess, and Aladdin and his faithful sidekick Abu the monkey have a journey ahead of them fraught with peril. The game's story line closely follows that of the animated Disney movie classic (and if you haven't seen it, you should).

Absolutely the first thing you'll notice when you conjure up Aladdin on your Genesis are the gorgeous graphics. The background scenery closely replicates classic Disney animation. Aladdin and all of the other characters in the game are animated with a smooth, fluid quality that's not been seen before in a video game. Each of the villains has their own amusing and entertaining animations, from the Snake Charmer to the Sultan's Guards. Aladdin himself has so many different glances, expressions, and moves that he's a constant delight to watch. Cinematic sequences between levels highlight the action.

  • Try to hit the button just after Jafar's face flashes to have the best chance of getting a bonus treat.
  • You can often reach seemingly impossible spots in the Desert by jumping on palm trees.
  • To defeat the Agrabah boss, stand on the top platform, leap the stones he tosses, and then toss an Apple at him. Repeat until he's done for. If you run out of Apples, there are more at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the Desert, stand behind the column on the right to get sucked up to a hidden Merchant.
  • Beware! When the Skeletons explode in the Sultan's Dungeon, their flying bones can damage Aladdin.

To add to the movie-quality ambiance, the game's been scored with original tunes from the flick, such as "Whole New World" and "You've Never Had a Friend Like Me." Although it's fun to hum along with the music, the tunes and the digitized character voices are not top notch.

  • To escape from the Desert, you've got to chase the Scarab across the sands. You'll find it first at the base of a tower of blocks, on the right-hand side. Then, it moves to a cave near the outhouses. Enter the cave from the right. Finally, it hovers near the exit to the Desert.

Prince Ali, Mighty Is He

Gameplay is simple, yet elegant. Aladdin's easy to control as he walks, runs, jumps, climbs, somersaults, and sword-fights his way through the streets of Agrabah, across the Desert, through the Sultan's Dungeon and the Cave of Wonders, on a Magic Carpet Ride, and even through the halls of Jafar's .Palace. In each level Aladdin has a different task, from searching for magic flutes, to tracking down the Scarab, to finding the magic lamp that holds the Genie. The game is also sprinkled with bonus rounds, including a Genie slot machine and several rounds where you play Abu and fend off falling pots.

You can't get past certain areas in the Cave of Wonders unless you hack statues to make hidden platforms appear.

To defend himself from Jafar's evil hoards, Aladdin fights hand-to-hand with a sword and collects Apples along the way to toss at his foes. Despite adjustable challenge, advanced video game genies won't break a sweat even on the toughest setting. Each level, though, is lengthy and filled with unusual twists and turns in the action to challenge intermediate and beginning gamers, and to keep experts entertained.

  • In the Escape from the Cave of Wonders, don't let the boulders even clip your heels or you're done for.
  • Take a clue from the Genie's hand! It's pretty easy to figure out.
  • Climb the Genie's hands to get to the upper reaches of the lamp.
  • Beware of the flames in the Sultan's Palace.

Magic Carpet Ride

Hard-core gamers won't bust any callouses or find their gaming skills challenged by this game, but most won't care. Aladdin's breakthrough animation and all the fun surprises waiting throughout the game make it an enjoyable play for anyone. Prince Ali, mighty is he, Ali-ababwa, is going to take us all for a Magic Carpet Ride to remember.


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Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Welcome to Agrabah, street rat! Prepare to enter a 16-meg game set in a "little city of mystery and enchantment." This ancient quest features 10 levels of animated video game adventure, the likes of which you've never seen on these or any other streets. Disney, Sega and Virgin have rubbed a magic lamp and transformed an ordinary Sega Genesis game into "a wondrous place for you and me".

A Whole New World

As usual, Disney's "one jump ahead of the slowpokes...one hit ahead of the flock." Using a revolutionary programming technique and help from a friend like Virgin, Disney animators transformed a Disney film into a video game format. "I can see that you're only interested in the exceptionally rare," so come closer and examine this multi-scrolling romp through Agrabah, the Desert, the Cave of Wonders and the Sultan's Palace. It closely mirrors the action in the original already-classic animated feature film Aladdin. The game also includes some brand-new scenery, such as the inside of the Genie's bottle. Bonus stages and bosses based on characters from the movie will make you want to quickly make way for Prince Ali, mighty is he, Ali Ababwa.

You play Aladdin, a street- rat, a diamond in the rough, in one-player action/adventure-style game play that includes many humorous twists and turns. Aladdin runs, jumps, ducks, tosses apples, swings a sword, climbs ropes, swings hand-over-hand across clotheslines and rides a magic carpet. Aladdin is, of course, trying to capture the heart of Princess Jasmine and foil the evil Jaffar. Jaffar and each of his henchmen are as delightful as Aladdin, each with their own highly amusing and original animations, including different weapons.

As beautiful as Aladdin is to look at, worthy friend, it's also a treat for your ears. Tunes from the movie, including "A Whole New World," "One Jump Ahead," and "A Friend Like Me", will have you "ready to genuflect, show some respect, down on one knee."

Arabian Nights

There's more... yes, so much more. For now, though, just come to "a land, a faraway place, where the caravan camels roam...come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly... to another Arabian night," courtesy of the street rats at Disney, Sega and Virgin. "It's the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan."

Conjuring up Disney's Aladdin for the Genesis took much more than three wishes. Three major-league companies -- Sega of America, Virgin Games and Disney Software -- teamed up to release this Genie from his bottle.

The Aladdin Trio

Sega, of course, owns the hardware and wields considerable marketing muscle. Virgin's ace programmers contributed a unique proprietary programming technique called Digi-cel, which enables game designers to transfer cel animation directly into a format used for video games graphics. This process directly converts graphics from animated movie cels into digital data, and it set up the canvas for Disney's brilliant artistic staff.

Disney Knows Best

The Walt Disney Animation Studios at the Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida, enjoy international acclaim for the now-classic animated features of Beauty and the Beast, The Rescuers Down Under and Aladdin. Disney animation artists brought that skill and love for the art of animation to bear on Aladdin, the video game.

The graphics in Sega's Aladdin showcase the work of more than 15 Disney artists, some of whom actually worked on the Aladdin feature film. These artists created all of the game's sprite animation. It was a new experience for the crew, some of whom had never played a video game before. However, if there's one thing that Disney's proven over time, it's their transformation of 2D images into gorgeous 3D spectaculars.

Movie in a Game

Disney designed the game in the same manner that they would use to design a new movie. "To the character movements, we added subtleties that we've learned over the years," says Paul Curasi, Director of Animation Services. "This game contains a level of animation that's usually seen in movies, such as overlapping images or how a character's clothes and hair move when he runs." The results add character development, emotion and humor to the game's sprites. In fact, the Disney game designers even developed a "gag" track, similar to the one found in the animated picture.

The Disney creative crew also contributed other key ideas. "We know the characters very well", Curasi observes, "so we can determine the best movement for a particular character in a particular circumstance. For instance, we drew several variations of Aladdin's jump off a roof. Eventually, we decided one movement stood out as the most acrobatic, plus it worked best with the setting of the video game."

Also, sharp-eyed Aladdin movie fans will discover a host of new characters. Some were conceived during movie production but later scrapped. Others were conceived strictly for the game.

Sega Makes a Wish

The Aladdin story is timeless. Aladdin the movie is a surefire animated classic. Aladdin the video game looks poised to cast its own special brand of on-screen magic.


Download Aladdin
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Disney’s Aladdin is a side scrolling platform game based on the animated movie with the same name.

The game loosely follows the story of the movie; Aladdin is a young thief, tricked by the evil Jaffar into stealing a magical lamp so he can summon its genie and make it grant his wishes. Along the way, Aladdin falls in love with princess Jasmine and eventually must save her and the kingdom from Jaffar. There is an introduction, and there are also some dialogues in-game, but it is much more enjoyable if you already know the story. Otherwise it can be a bit confusing and much less fulfilling.

The gameplay can be described as “pure platforming”. Controlling Aladdin, you must jump, vault and swing from ledges in order to reach the end of the level. On the way you will encounter various enemies, from barrel throwing goons to bow wielding thugs. You can defeat them by throwing apples which you collect throughout the game or by jumping on them in a very Mario-like way. Some enemies are not that easy to defeat, as you must first stun them before you can jump on their heads, or you will lose a heart.

Everything you need to know is at the top of the screen. On the left you have the number of continues left and Aladdin’s current life (measured in hearts), while on the right you have the number of apples and the number of gemstones you have collected. To replenish these, you must do a bit of searching, as these power ups can be hidden in barrels or vases simply left in plain sight. Of course, some of these can turn up empty, as well. There is also a golden scarab to be found in each level, and this grants you a bonus once you reach the end, such as extra hearts or extra lives.

The graphics are top notch and very detailed. There is even a little monkey that does nothing but follow you around, just for that extra bit of detail which can make the game really stand out. The sounds also contribute to the overall appeal with tiny bits of voice acting and music that fits the scene.

Disney’s Aladdin is a high quality game, although it can be considered a bit short than other similar games. Still, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable; it just leaves you wanting more.

Disney’s Aladdin features:

  • Great graphics and sound
  • Smooth platforming gameplay
  • Story follows that of the very popular movie

Download Aladdin
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Disney's Aladdin is a video game released in five different versions, one for each platform: Sega Mega Drive, Super NES, Sega Master System, Game Boy and NES. The game is based on the video series from 1992.

The game for Mega Drive/Genesis was released in 1993 by Virgin Interactive and SEGA. The game was well-known at that time for the graphic elements featured. It is said a big team of developers worked for three months to code the game, which today would be lot for a game of this kind.

As in many other games from the same period, Aladdin - the main character - has to make his way through levels, which were based on locations seen in the movie. The streets and rooftops of Agrabah, the Sultan's dungeon and the Cave of Wonders are all featured in the Mega Drive/Genesis version of the game.

Aladdin can attack from long range with apples and can trade gems (which need to be collected in advance) for lives. From close range he can attack with a scimitar. If the player manages to find Genie or Abu, he will receive bonus rounds. The bonus round after the player finds the Genie is a game for apples, gems or extra lives, and can be played until Genie runs out of tokens or lands on Jafar. In the bonus rounds of Abu, the player gets to control the little monkey. In this level there are several bonus items falling from the sky, which have to be caught by the monkey, without it touching unwanted objects, such as pots and rocks.

The version for Super Nintendo was a bit different, and was published by Capcom in the same year. However, the game was released in Europe in the beginning of 1994. The main character is not equipped with a scimitar as in other versions. He has to attack enemies by jumping on them (like in Mario). However, the player can still throw with apples in this version. As in the Mega Drive/Genesis game, the story follows the one in the movie. Aladdin becomes a prince, after being a street rat in the beginning. There is an extra challenge in the game, when Aladdin has to find 70 red diamonds. It is not mandatory to collect all of them in order to finish the game, but in the final credits the number of collected diamonds is mentioned.

Aladdin was received extraordinary at that time, winning the Best Genesis Game of 1993 award, offered by Electronic Gaming Monthly. The Best Animation was another award Disney's Aladdin won. Aladdin is reviewed all over the internet with 5 out of 5 stars, and is considered one of the best games of that period.

Only the game developed for Super Nintendo was sold in over 1.75 million copies worldwide, which is a lot considering how many Nintendo consoles were sold in that period.


Download Aladdin
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Come fly through a wonderous world of magic carpets and Arabian cities, while helping Aladdin as he tries to rescue the beautiful Princess Jasmine from the dastardly deeds of Jafar. This single player adventure filled quest gives you the chance to save Agra bah from the likes of the villainous magician Jafar. Throughout the game, you will experience many different challenges ranging from escaping the Cave of Wonders, to taking on and battling the sultan’s henchman, as well as, various desert creatures. Use weapons such as apples and a sword. You will also have the luxury of earning additional lives through various bonus rounds, but watch out, some bonus levels are not very giving. Your mission is to reach Jafar and destroy him before he marries the Princess and eliminates the Sultan for good. Are you brave enough to accept the challenges this game has to offer, or will you fall victim to Jafar’s power and let him marry Jasmine? Developed by Virgin Interactive, using Disney animation, released this action packed game in 2004 and it is compatible with SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, Game boy and Game boy Color.

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  • I am going to agree with everything said in the Description, The Graphics are Breath Taking. But I feel that I must say.......more like warn you about a specific fact that has not been said and is crucial. The level Sultan's Dungeon is Extremely annoying and if your not much of a gamer is extremely hard. Although the rest of the game is easy with maybe a few challenges to make the game enjoyable, this is the only level that is no fun, annoying and hard. Of course, this level isn't the only one that might be hard, but at least they're fun to play. This game is cool though. Recommended by me JGCD!

  • jake said on Aladdin Forum:

    if you like this game, try the super nintendo version of aladdin, its basically exactly the same game with graphic and gameplay improvements and it is also much easier. Before yall say wheres the download link, game fabrique is a sega genesis site only.

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