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Greetings, please allow me tell you a bit about myself.

  1. i LOVE games.
  2. refer to 1
  3. i love EVERYONE
  4. even though i lovee everyone, do NOT get on my bad side >=(~
  5. i love food, but i cant gain weight.
  7. i have a deep passion for classic cartoons.
  8. if you dont watch my vids i get sad =(
  9. all my pictures are real
  10. when i was little i tried to play with paper airplanes in the bathtub...
  11. im near the end
  12. im a very random person
  13. i have a rather large vocabulary, yet i dont try to act like a smart person to make people feel bad.
  14. i ALWAYS remember to utilize my commas
  15. i dont talk "LiEkk DiEzZ"
  16. my dad tells HORRIBLE jokes.
  17. im compltely in love with the 3 stooges, honeymooners, and many other oldies.
  18. i LOVE the pano, accordion, and organ.
  19. with each day the feeling that i will die from some inexplicable situation increases.
  20. i DO THIS alot.
  21. sheep head in sweedish is FårSkalle.
  22. ITS OVER 9000!!!
  23. i still say "tha bomb"
  24. Tom Mannino, aka "Evil Zug" has had an impact on my life.
  25. freaky chan should have won america's top model.
  26. Tally Hall should be a millionaire.
  27. i play the piano, and accordion. i enjoy classical music very much.
  28. yet again, i LOVE games.
  29. im online 24/7.
  30. i currently play the following MMORPGs: Cabal, Perfect World, Shaiya, Rappelz, Rakion, but thats not all of them.
  31. kool aid man - OHH YEAHHH!!
  32. when i was a child, i thought video games were alive, and i tried to bargain with them.
  33. after i realised bargaining was a waste of time, i resorted to threatening them...
  34. i love weapons, they are fun to play with.
  35. when i was little, i was OBSESSED with aliens.
  36. if you ever have had the missfortune to see me get very angry, im sorry. if not, hope that you don't.
  37. jerry c should be recognized.
  38. Pachelbel, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Ludwig Van Beethoven are my top 3 favorite piano composers.
  39. you have reached the end of the internet.
  40. not really.
  41. i use "owned, noob," and any of the variations of them in an average conversation.
  42. i love final fantasy with a pasion, it has had a large impact on my life.
  43. I ♥ NINTENDO!
  44. without flash games, idk what i would be like right now...
  45. i ♥ technology
  46. i dont believe in the death penalty, we should just lock the offender in a sound-proof room with a computer that only playes runescape.
  47. you will never hear me say "RuneScape," for i call it "GayScape."
  48. "welcome to zombo-com!"
  49. ORLY??
  50. the number 1 rejected name for windows vista was "W1Nd0wZ L33T PwNz y0U, SuX0r JoBZ"
  51. Mr. Campbell OWNS YOU ALL!
  52. my room gets too hot, and idk why.
  53. this may come as a shock to anyone who knows anything about gaming, but i play AdventureQuest Worlds. laugh if you want, but i have been an AQ fan since the 3rd grade. i played the original first version of Battleon.
  54. iCarly is extremely homosexual.
  55. sir, i challenge you to fisti-cuffs! prepare for a well-rounded battle to the death!
  56. Dr. Octogonapus, RAAWWRR!
  57. you will never see any of my animated GIFs uploaded to myspace; im sure someone will steal it and put their name on it.
  58. just the fact that its raging is what makes it funny.
  59. "when you put water in cup; water becoems cup. when ypu put water in bottle; water becomes bottle. you must be like water." - Bruce Lee.
  60. i am now contemplating a complex equation.
  61. i have an artistic gift.
  62. i am part italian.
  63. when i am interested in something, i will read about it until i know everything you can possibly know about it... sometimes it isnt even something im THAT itnerested in.
  64. i like soup =D.
  65. i love to draw. its a passion, but i havent been doing it too much lately.
  66. my favorite number is 12.
  67. i truly miss the original Cartoon Network, Toonami, and Nick.
  68. "knights! raise your mana points!"
  69. i like to skateboard, and im very good at it aswell. not to brag though.
  70. Danny Antonucci is a GENIUS!
  71. "now is the time we shall be mercilessely judged." - Rofle
  72. lupo the butcher is worth more than he was bargained for.
  73. lupo was also the first to say "i kill you!" not achmed.
  74. i wish i had the chance to experience the SEGA GameGear as a child. i never really took that opportunity, and now i regret it.
  75. DBZ owns you all.
  76. ever wonder why some commercials play for like 4 seconds, and then they cut to the next? they're called bumps. they are here to waste time so shows start on time.
  77. thundercats....WHOOOOAAAA!!!!
  78. i wish, i wish, i was a fish.
  79. "they call me....jack."
  80. my aunt thought toccata and fugue in D minor was satanic...
  81. the oatmeal guy is watching you... every waking moment; plotting your demize. dont let your guard down.
  82. Richard Daluz is an utter GENIUS!
  83. son: hey dad, i want a super nintendo for christmas! ___dad: Dont you already have a nintendo? ___son: yeah, but this ones 16-bits! ___dad: whats that? ___son:......i dunno.....
  84. sometimes, colors smell like food to me.
  85. if our planet is like 7/10's whater, which we cant live on, then why are we here?
  86. people these days get too worked up over little things. they will curse at you for the slightest things. it sickens meh.
  87. i dont like people who try to look all "trashy" because they think it looks cool.
  88. just be yourself, thats all i want from a person.
  89. my friends mean the world to me.
  90. one day i would like to work with computers as a living
  91. w00t! 100!
  92. i wish i had a pong system.
  93. some scientists and historians are trying to figure out if Hitler was retarted, or mentally unstable. thats stupid, because hitler was a genius. he was evil, but yes, he was extremely inteligent.
  94. if you've read all the way to this point, then gratz. but you get nothing.
  95. Click here to see the NEW most viewed video on youtube.
  96. Brandon was my first soul, what an honor.
  98. Captain planet has 1337 SKILLS.
  100. Ed is happy once more ^_^
  103. i'de rather be dead than go red.
  104. WHY DO I ALWAYS FORGET EVERYTHING?!?!?!? litterally, one minute i have the idea and im like "ok, im NOT gonna forget this." and the next, its GONE. it makes me so ANGREHHH!!! >=O
  105. I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO MEET GARY BROLSMA. if i were to meet gary brolsma, i would rub his belly and worship it.
  107. ive always wanted to meet stephen, the guy fro mgreatest freakout ever.
  108. LICK A SACK
  109. one time, i broke in front of, like, 50 people at lunch and oen guy yells to me, "I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON YOUR TACO!"
  110. gravity isnt a force, its a fabric. we're not beign affected by gravity. WERE affecting IT. every object in our universe warps the fabric of gravity.
  112. boom goes the dynamite.
  113. because... their famous....
  114. everything in our universe is affected by gravity. uncluding light. einsteins theory of relativity proves that light may bend around an object due to gravity.
  117. oh, im a yummy gummy funny lucky gummy bear, OH YEAH!
  118. DJ Splash has 1337 skills.
  119. you may find me very odd... this is true. attractive? also true XD
  120. i will never forget "THE WAVE" neither will my face >_
  123. "OMG, HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?!?" ___"because im pro."
  124. hold on, let me get something out of my trunk. BWAAAAH!!!!
  126. dont make me deliver a roundhouse kick to your face. >_>
  127. WTF? BOOM!!
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    sheep commented on the game Battletoads:   6 years, 3 months ago · View

    i loved this game wen i was little, and the theme song is beastly aswell.

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    sheep commented on the game Syndicate:   5 years, 10 months ago · View

    its like futuristic gang wars. i used to have it when i was little, and it was a TOTAL waste of money.... it sucked lol