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  • Sensible Soccer

    It became a first in video games when it attempted to encompass the entire professional footballing world into one game.
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  • Sensible Soccer screenshotsSensible Soccer screenshotsSensible Soccer screenshots
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    ADiLiCO -

    gd game

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    • Sonic and KnucklesSonic and Knuckles join forces to defeat rotten Dr. Robotnik's Death Egg invasion! Play Sonic & Knuckles by itself or Lock-on with other Sonic...
    • Tiny Toons - Buster's Hidden TreasureTiny Toons: Buster's Hidden Treasure is a side scrolling game in the reins of Mario but it has some innovations to it as well.
    Ristar - The Shooting Star screenshotsRistar - The Shooting Star screenshots
    Shoot through a variety of gameplay! Action puzzle and strategy combine to challenge Ristar at every turn. Discover new worlds and new creatures on each planet! Battle strange beings who aren't always what they seem!
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    Mel -

    great game. stil trying to work out how to complete the boss level on the first stage!

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    Andy -

    Well Mel keep hitting the dude with the beard when he's dropping those whirlwind things and he should drop a ball like thing off his back, Then attack the ball twice and you have won!.

    Great game i would even say it's better than Sonic!...

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  • Burning Force

    Burning Force is a pseudo-3D scrolling shooter similar to Space Harrier. The game is viewed from behind-the-character perspective.
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  • Burning Force screenshotsBurning Force screenshotsBurning Force screenshots
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    Rocky -

    Hey does anyone know the controls for this thing? (The shoot button would be best)

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  • Micro Machines

    Based from the top-down view, this version places various types of miniature vehicles into various small locations, generally around the domestic home and work place.
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    Sega GenesisNESSNESSega Master System
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    katalin -

    this game is very funny!!! is a classic of Sega download now guys!!

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    Andy -

    Such a classic game, It was the first all out party fun game and always ensured you'll be having a great laugh, And it is still just as good as when i first played these great games, It is a bit tricky though so i would strongly suggest you get to grips with the first in the series or Military before you play Turbo!...

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  • See also:
    • A.S.P.: Air Strike PatrolIsometric shooter, military style game, based in part on the Gulf War in the 1990s, single player.
    • Choplifter IIIThe gameplay revolves around piloting a rescue helicopter into hostile territory and rescuing hostages.
    Red Zone screenshotsRed Zone screenshots
    Madman Ivan Retovitz rips off an arsenal of USSR nuclear weapons and threatens to transform the world into a radioactive desert. As the leader of three covert commandos, you must pilot the AH-648 Apache fighter chopper and traverse the underground bunkers to destroy the nuclear madman. Features full-rotating, fully textured background graphics. Real 3D - view enemies, ammo caches and other objects from all sides. A realtime zoomable map for finding targets. Fluid, easy character movement in six different directions.
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    • El VientoEl-Viento is a difficult game, but as Annet you are equipped with the skill, the magic, the weaponry, and the agility to progress to the next level...
    • Golden Axe 3The once-peaceful kingdom so familiar to fans of the original Golden Axe is under threat once again. The Prince of Darkness has stolen the...
    Blades of Vengeance screenshotsBlades of Vengeance screenshots
    It's a side scrolling fantasy action game where players can choose from three different character classes: huntress, warrior, and sorcerer.
  • Risky Woods

    Prepare to risk it all! The ancient monks who preserve the wisdom of the Lost Lands have been frozen in stone. Young Rohan must plunge into the Risky Woods to release them. Only then can wisdom...
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    Sega Genesis
  • Risky Woods screenshotsRisky Woods screenshotsRisky Woods screenshots
  • See also:
    • The TerminatorBecause the game follows the movie so closely, the first mission which involves blowing up the SkyNet computer and escaping through time is one of...
    • Demolition ManBased on the Sylvester Stallone/Wesley Snipes movie. This is where the “non-stop action” description comes into play.
    Judge Dredd - The Movie screenshotsJudge Dredd - The Movie screenshots
    Judge Dredd is a platform action game based on the British comic book character of the same name and the 1995 movie that tarnished that name.
  • Radical Rex

    Bet you didn't know that dinosaurs were such good skaters, but now you can see how good they really were with Radical Rex.
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  • Radical Rex screenshotsRadical Rex screenshotsRadical Rex screenshots
  • Bonkers

    Bonkers is an arcade-action game, based on the Disney TV series of the same name.
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