"WWF Raw is a Wrestling game, developed by Sculptured Software and published by Acclaim, which was released in 1994."


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It's rawer than Slam masters. It's rawer than WCW Superbrawl. It's WWF Raw, the newest wrestlefest for the SNES, and you'd better get ready to rumble with this terrific game.

Mat Mayhem

Are you ready to experience the most realistic video game mat action ever? By adding six of wrestling's newest stars and a bunch of new moves WWF Raw improves over last year's popular Royal Rumble. Powered by 24 megs, Raw offers six game-play options, including tag-team matches, the Survivor Series, and a Royal Rumble. You can even enjoy a six-against-one brawl! Check each wrestler's attributes and choose from 12 of the world's best brawlers, each with a wrestling repertoire that includes a patented finisher.


  • During a one-on-one match, another grappler may appear at ringside to help out your opponent.
  • To perform a special move, you must first drain almost all of your opponent's energy.
  • Punch the ref repeatedly to knock him out, and then proceed with an all-out brawl.

The excellent controls match those of the Genesis version. However, the extra SNES button enables you to perform moves such as suplexes, rag dolls, and mat splashes more quickly and with greater precision.

Enter the Squared Circle

Superb graphics and sounds make the ring action come alive! The detailed portraits and clear sprites are better than those on the Genesis and intensify an already-exciting event. Realistic grunts and slams also give you that up- dose-and-personal feel.

Whether you're hitting your opponent with a chair or using The Undertaker's Tombstone piledriver on some poor chump, you'll agree that if you're into wrestling, you're gonna have to get Raw.

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  • Manufacturer: Jaleco of Japan
  • Machine: Super Famicom
  • Theme: Sports
  • Release: April/May '94

Jaleco's come up with a unique way of capturing the excitement of wrestling matches. The game screen is split into three parts during a match. The center strip, which shows the two wrestlers squaring off from a distance, is used for the actual game play. The top and bottom strips show close-ups of the wrestlers. When one player manages to connect with a power move, like a back drop, the close-up expands to two strips to catch all the action. Any of the 16 wrestlers can be selected for spectacular bouts. As each wrestler has different moves, there can be a lot of experimentation. It can be four-player, too!

Acclaim brings you all the realism of the World Wrestling Federation with 16-Bit graphics and sounds. Features popular wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Mr. Perfect, and many others.


Download WWF RAW
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Ready for live-action wrestling at its rawest? WWF Raw ventures into the squared circle with all your favorite grapplers and moves!

ProTip: Positioning is important when performing special moves. Learn where to start each move before playing.

King of the Ring

Raw features twelve of wrestling's biggest superstars, all with the special signature moves and attributes that made them famous. Imagine unleashing Yokozuna's Banzai Drop on your opponent during a twelve-man Royal Rumble. With six match options (including tag-team and one-on-one matchups), you can choose different paths to glory.

Controlling these maniacs is a blast. With more than 20 moves at your disposal, you guide your grappler with speed and precision. Some of the moves are wild -- wait until you bring down a chair on your opponent! What's more, virtually no slowdown stalls the action.

Championship Features

Colorful graphics and clear sound are key factors to winning the title, and Raw has 'em. However, every wrestler appears to have the same height and proportions, which can be a little confusing when the 5'5" Luna Vachon somehow stands as tall as the 7'0" Diesel. Each competitor does have their own theme music, though, and distinctive moans and groans punctuate the action in the ring.

With tons of options and the WWF's most popular wrestlers, you can't go wrong. And with ten skill settings, gamers of all abilities can hit the mat. So do you have what it takes to be the king of the ring? WWF Raw is a fun way to find out.

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