"Urban Strike is the first, and only, game in the Strike series to feature non-vehicular combat. In some levels you will leave your helicopter and proceed on foot."

Urban Strike

a game by Electronic Arts, Mike Posehn, Granite Bay Software, The Edge, and Foley Hi-Tech

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2001 is not a good year. Drug cartels control San Francisco and New York. A vile criminal returns from the grave. The Iraqis are on our side. About the only bright spot in this turn-of-the- century scenario is that it takes place in Urban Strike, a top-notch helicopter-combat game.

Strike Tree

The newest member of Electronic Arts's chopper squadron, Urban Strike takes the lead position. Like its predecessors, the game flies you into a hella-cious air war against well- armed, ferocious foes.

ProTip: Don't leave your heart in San Francisco, Mission 4. Find the 1-Up near a beach.

First Desert. Then Jungle. Now Urban. Any questions about this Strike's battleground? You fly and die through ten massive Missions (with six to nine Campaigns each) in famous cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Las Vegas.

The deadly fighting, both airborne and ground based, calls for advanced pilot training. Urban requires heady game play as well as prodigious thumb-pumping. You fly two helicopters and drive a ground-assault vehicle via a M-overhead view against enemy aircraft, tank's, and gun emplacements. Additionally, you exit the chopper for search-and-destroy infantry shooting action.

  • Red sparks signify that bullets and rockets are damaging a target.
  • In Mission 5, New York, shoot structures on top of sky- scrapers to find supplies.

Urban Controls

The controls in all fighting modes are generally right on, 'but the helicopter puts the joypad through the most rigorous workout. Excellent new chopper moves enable you to lay down awesome fire- power. Jinking slides the 'copter laterally, and rotating spins it 360 degrees. However, as with the previous games, flight control depends on the condition of your Genesis directional pad, and lining up precision shots can take forever.

Serious Sights

The whirlybird graphics have more ups than downs. Even though the overhead view appears flat at times, the aircraft always look cool as they smoothly wheel and deal destruction. Once again, tiny snipers dog your flight path, but the detail in their movements is great. The famous Strike sounds are still sweet. Helicopter sounds, gunfire, and explosions do their duty, while a techno-funk music track rocks the house!

On Strike

If you dig fighting action and strategy from a helicopter's point of view, Urban Strike is excellent. The Strike team strikes again!

  • When you're oh foot in Mission 2, ten MR9 shots and one missile destroy one Jet
  • Sneak'up on guards slowly, and they won't shoot.
  • Each civilian you save and unload at base repairs your Armor by 100.

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Urban Strike

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Electronic Arts is ready to fly its hard hitting helicopter combat game from the Desert and the Jungle into the city -- Urban Strike!

Future Fight

The game will be set in 2006 -- 12 years have passed since Jungle Strike. You'll fly for the United Nations, and your futuristic allies will include some former enemies: Iraqis, Iranians, and Nicaraguans. The game will feature 13 levels in locations across North America, such as New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. Genesis pilots will be able to fly two choppers, wheel in an armored personnel carrier, and exit vehicles for infantry action. Don't worry -- you won't have to control one of those teeny-weeny sprites (ten pixels high, remember?). According to EA, your character will be at least three times as big.

The main aircraft will fly and fight faster. The other helicopter will be heavily armored, with a 20-person capacity.

City Flights

Urban Strike -- you'll fly, you'll die, you'll likely cry. At least let's hope that's life flyin' choppers in the big city.

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