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Sega Genesis Sonic Special Stages download

This is a collection of an uncountable number of special stages. The ones of Sonic 3, Sonic And Knuckles or with the both games attached together. Here's a way to get started:

First you see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Dr.Eggman. On top of them there is a message saying No Way it is duplicated but there is a difference in the m rks like in some there is a ! or ? or . or nothing. This has really annoyed lots of Sonic fans including me. Lots and lots of people are doing their best to get rid of the No Way but since this is the first time you're downloading it or just checking to find the answers you've come to the right place.

To get rid of the No Way message and access the game prees A, B and C. If you're using the default controls press Ctrl, Spacebar and Shift.

Then the message will say Get Blue Spheres instead of that annoying No Way. If you want to access higher levels go to a website where you find codes for higher levels and type it instead of the code of the current level. Achieve a perfect score on a level and skip 10 levels but beware: Don't underestimate the increasing difficulty because if you do then you have to face defeat. Good Luck everyone and enjoy.

And I left one thing.

You need to press the A,B and C (make sure you check how did you configure your keys) Together at the same time. So I suggest that those who said it did not work better go back and try again.

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  • This is the fusion of Sonic and Knuckles with Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic 1). Instead of a plot or actually putting knuckles in the sonic 1 game, they created a collection of the special stages from the sonic and knuckles game. Collect the blue spheres. No Adventure at all and you can play as sonic or knuckles. It's fun. This Game is recommended by me, JGCD.

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