"In the eerie Cave of the Past, a mischievous thief tampers with the mystical Stones of Light and Dark. The Stones once imprisoned the Evil of All Ages. Now the deadly Zeon is unleashed. His rage will hurl the galaxy into eternal darkness - unless the Shining Force can stop him! The legendary epic resumes with an entirely new story, awesome cinematic battle sequences and incredible monsters! Build an awesome 12-member strike force from over 20 characters and develop them into fiercer, stronger, more magical warriors!"

Shining Force 2

a game by Camelot Software Planning

Adventure/RPG / Sega Genesis


Shining Force 2

Shining Force 2



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Another day in the dungeons and this one is a little drearier than the rest. Shining Force II gathers the team where the first Shining Force left off, and not much has changed since then. In this case, RPG is starting to stand for Routinely Played Game.

Not So Shining

The citizens of Granseal have been preparing for something that smells like war* looks like war, but isn't really war; it's just some monster unrest on the outskirts of town. Nevertheless, you and your buds decide to investigate, and with the help of your teacher, Astral the Wizard, you're on the road to fame and glory.


  • Reading the titles in the bookshelves will sometimes uncover clues... and sometimes they're just meant to be funny.
  • Before leaving the castle, check this storeroom in the lower left portion of the castle for supplies.
  • Search everywhere and taste everything.

You begin under inconspicuous circumstances, just chumming around with your centaur friend and a female priest, when the king falls ill and you rush off to help. From there, it's your standard monster bash with things that slither, crawl, bite, and fly.

You start off at a low level and build up your characteristics through battle. The battle in this RPC is hex based, meaning that you're only allowed a certain number of moves before the enemies close in. This annoying holdover from the pen-and-paper RPCs may seem fair to some, but it's slow and cumbersome work for action-oriented videogame players.

Sometimes the only way to gain access to a room or upper floor is by asking around or talking to someone.

Bright Lights, Big Deal

The graphics are divided between a fairly clear overhead view and an awesome 3/4-overhead battle view. The monsters and action in the 3/4 view look good and move smoothly, but you have precious little time to enjoy the graphics before you're laid out in ye olde coroner's office.

The music is peppy, upbeat... and totally out of place. If you think you should hear sword-slinging sounds in a heated battle, then look (and listen) elsewhere.

You control characters using a standard menu-driven RPG interface. The menus sometimes confuse you with their lightning-fast appearances, and generally there are too many menus and too few battle options.

A Shine a Dozen

This RPG is way too familiar. The cuteness and elvishness of this game will really annoy you after a while, and that's not the half of it. The game progresses at a pace that would slow the Road Runner down. If you're looking for something special in the Genesis RPG arena, don't use the Force, Luke.

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The hottest news this month has got to be the fact that the awesome RPG/strategy game Shining Force is getting a sequel! 16 Megs of power make this one game not to be missed. Although it contains a lot of Japanese text, there is a possibility that this game will come to these shores. Like before, you control a slowly growing band of fighters intent on freeing the land from the tyranny of the evil forces that have sprung up again. The play mechanics of the first game are back. The archers still fire great distances, while priests still heal. Secrets abound in this mysterious land, and a treasure awaits those who search. Who knows what the careful player may find...

When compared to the first version, you can easily see how much better this one is. Visually, it is much richer, and the audio track is among the best for the Mega Drive. Shining Force 2 may be one of the best sequels ever. Despite being a military simulation for the most part, this game is loaded with thrills!

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