Rocky Rodent

Rocky Rodent

a game by Irem Corp.
  • Action
Rocky Rodent
  • Machine: Snes;
  • Manufacturer: Irem; Irem

There's nothing Rocky Rodent would father do than eat - especially pizza froth Rose's Italian Eatery. Unfortunately, Pie Face Balboa, the restaurant's owner, hasn't been paying his protection money to the Mob, and they've kidnapped his daughter, Melodyl.

Rocky takes the news personally for two reasons. First of all, he's the one who ate the mail that included the bill for protection. And second, Melodyl is the pizza cook! Pie Face offers him free food if he brings back Melodyl, so soon Rocky's on the case. Of course, the Mob's a tough organization to tackle, even for a healthy young rodent. Luckily, Rocky has a few tricks up his sleeve. One is his tremendous speed - he can outrun anything short of that blue hedgehog! He also totes a mean arsenal of hairdos that enable him to climb, swing like Tarzan, or even hurl blades. Dryers, clippers, and other hair-care implements can be found in garbage cans throughout the game; they provide Rocky with the latest in designer do's - his tools of destruction.

A solid game with good action and an innovative premise, Rocky Rodent is the cat's meow.

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He's quicker than a greased hairball. Tighter than a hairpin turn. He's got hair with an attitude. And the fastest can of hair spray in the west. He's trouble in the fast lane. Tricks in a can. Cars, trucks and uncool dudes pull over. He's good hair fast to your nearest store for Rocky Rodent!

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