"A racing game with three seperate tracks: stunt, autocross, and super stunt track."

Race Drivin'

a game by Tengen, Polygames, and Argonaut Games

Racing, Simulation / Sega GenesisSNES



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Get Back On The Fast Track

THQ has come out with its sequel to Hard Driving and it was a race worth the wait. The game offers four cars to choose from, including two Lamborghinis (one with an automatic transmission) a Porsche 914 roadster and a Corvette. They also have three tracks for you to test your skills on and that of the car's, as well.

THQ has carried over the instant replay feature from Hard Driving, too. It really makes the crashes fun (there is nothing like a good flaming death). It also allows you to see yourself jump, fall off mountains and basically reek havoc with your car. The forward scrolling graphics are up to par with this game's predecessor. You really feel like you are moving forward.

The creator's have also left in the time limit. You must get to the next checkpoint before time runs out, or the game is over (34 seconds for the autocross track and 70 seconds for the other two).

Now, buckle your seat belt and gear up for serious Race Drivin'!

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