Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers

a game by Bandai
  • Racing

The Rangers have tanked in popularity in the last year; this lame racer has them completely out of gas.

Running on Empty

Lots of options do not a great racing game make. Power Rangers Zeo has an impressive list of features, but the execution is so weak you won't be around long enough to try out everything. You choose from six Rangers, Cog, and King Mondo, each riding a bizarre armed vehicle. Single players race against seven opponents, try a solo Time Trial, or go one- on-one against the computer. The five two-player modes include a Demolition Derby-style Bumper Chase and a 99-second Blaster Master mode. Take first place at the Pro level on all five tracks, and you'll access a secret character.

Sound fun? It isn't, mostly because of the game's annoying split screen. Even the one-player races are shown via a split-screen, with one half giving you a view on a big rear- view mirror that takes up so much space your front view gets shortchanged. The backgrounds shimmer as if you were racing on water.

ProTip: Make sure opponents are within range before wasting valuable Blaster shots in them.

Stiff controls leave this game running way behind Super Mario Kart, and feeble sounds fail to generate any excitement. In every way, this game leaves the Power Rangers stranded by the highway.

Cut across corners to get a better firing angle on your opponent.

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  • Think Super Mario Kart with Power Rangers because it's the same game just with a change of graphics to tie it into the Power Rangers licence, I my self like Mario Kart more because of the cuter and funny animations!.

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