Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue


Hurrah - it's mighty morphin' time! Sarcasm aside the Power Rangers are apparently very popular - well they have reached their seventh series on TV! Aimed exclusively at a younger audience and Power Rangers fans, Lightspeed Rescue includes loads of stuff from the TV series.

All your favourite characters, vehicles, weapons and even monsters from the show feature in full 3-D in this game. Best of all you even get to play as the all-new Titanium Ranger from the seventh series through the thirty levels on offer! To give this game the true authentic feel it even has actual character voices, music and sounds from the TV show. This will keep Power Rangers fans happy.

First Impressions

Okay, let's face it: the Power Rangers are pretty pants! For some reason though, they're incredibly popular (and it's sure as hell not for the acting!) The good news though is that this game looks tike being a darn sight better than the television series so you probably won't have to be a fanatical Power Rangers enthusiast to enjoy it.

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