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  • Bullet Proof Software / Super Famicom

Pipe Dream is the ultimate test of reflexes, timing and skill! Catch falling pieces of pipe and connect them to the pipeline before the liquid spills everywhere! The pieces range from curved, straight or T-shaped pipe fittings. There are numerous levels to complete, but watch yourself as the levels can become quite an overflow!

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  • Platform: Gameboy
  • Type: Puzzle
  • Release: Nov. 1990
  • Levels: 256
  • Difficulty: Avg.

In this mind teaser you must become a speedy and efficient plumber. Different shaped pieces of pipe appear on the side of the screen. Take these pieces and connect them together to make a continuous pipe. But, slowly the pipe begins to fill with water and you have to stay ahead of it. Get extra points for loops, tunnels and reservoirs. For a wild version, link 2 together and play against each other!

People say:


This 'race against yourself' is the type of game that the GameBoy is suited for best, but that doesn't make up for the fact that there is no action and little strategy here. Building the correct path of pipes may be the goal, but this game aches for something more.


While Pipe Dreams is not for everybody it is a thinker that at least is different. It's not terribly exciting if you play a one person game but it gets frantic, and turns into a whole new game when you play it in the 2 person cooperative or vs. mode.


Another portable puzzler with a slightly different approach at the same thing. One cool thing about Pipe Dreams is the you're really competing against yourself more than anything else! Pipe Dreams is a cool version of video solitaire that will have you trying to do better!


This is an excellent GameBoy time-puzzler! It's a fast race against an oncoming flow of water-verses your ability to place the proper pipe pieces in a sensible pattern. Success is strategy and movement in proper harmony! A thirst quenching and refreshing splash of challenge.

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