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The heat is really on! The score is 7-3 their favor, you haven't made a decent move all night, and now it's up to you to save the game! Your fingers are sweating as you frantically scribble what's supposed to look like "Phantom of the Opera," but really looks like a "raisin in a cape." You look on in horror as your teammate stares at you with a totally blank face. Things couldn't possibly get any worse! Now, the challenge is yours, or yours and a few of your friends', as you take on the non-artist's nightmare, Pictionary. Don't get discouraged yet, there are three different types of Pictionary games, not all of which require drawing. WHEW! In fact, some of the games, such as the Wherehouse Shuffle, allow you to use your masterful skills as you move and stack crates before some pesky wherehouse gremlins make them disappear! Sharpen your pencils Nintendites!

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