"The game's greatest innovation was the presence of different physics and AI for three kinds of racing in one cartridge."

Mario Andretti Racing

a game by Electronic Arts

Racing / Sega Genesis



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Though not as intensely fun as Virtua Racing, Mario Andretti Racing finishes in the money as a top competitor. It's the most strategic, option-laden game since last year's acclaimed Nigel Mansell's World Championship.

Super Mario Cars

Unlike Virtua Racing, which is all speed and thrills, Andretti Racing is a game for the thoughtful, more sophisticated driver. This Super Mario provides ample rewards for savvy gamers who like to be able to choose the right tires to suit a specific track.

ProTip: Take your first few laps He'll help you execute maneuvers such as a Sprint-Car Slide.

Abundant options are the strength of Andretti Racing. You can select three types of racing experiences -- Indy cars on twisty tracks, stock cars on a mixture of simple and complex courses, and sprint cars on big dirt ovals. Before the race, you customize virtually every aspect of your car from the engine to the tranny to the paint. During the race, you have plenty to think about, such as deciding how far you can go between pit stops and picking the right time to draft a car ahead of you. Throughout the race, your car handles smoothly and precisely as it executes your most subtle moves.

Mario's World

Increasing your involvement in the races is the multiple-view feature. Prerace options include the ability to choose track-level Nose Cam or behind-the-car Chase Cam views. Midrace, you can switch between split-screen- rear, race-leader, and overhead camera angles without pausing. You'll need to switch viewing angles constantly to look ahead for approaching turns and behind for approaching drivers.

Don't try to cut corners to slow yourself down.

The graphics provide good realism in other ways, too. Sparks fly when you graze a rail, the backgrounds have distinctive details for each track, and your crew jumps into action when you pull into the pits.

Likewise, the sounds create a believable racing environment. You hear your own Indy car rev through its six gears, plus you can hear the whining engines of approaching competitors. Screeching tires and metallic collisions add to the atmosphere.

Kick Some Chassis

Whattaya know, a great Mario game on the Genesis! Mario Andretti Racing provides a realistic, satisfying driving experience. Strap yourself into this cockpit (especially in the exciting two- player competition), and you'll understand why Mario Andretti is a racing legend.

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