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Blue Bolter, General of the Yoma clan, has taken the Emperor of China Land hostage and is threatening to take over as leader. Bolter warns that anybody who dares to resist him will be terminated. This sounds like a job for Ryu and Jack, heroes of Culture Brain's new two player action adventure game, Little Ninja Brothers. In this combination action and role play adventure your task is to Help Jack and Ryu fight their way through a sea of Blue Bolter's evil henchmen in search of the seven, sacred Bells. The bells contain magical powers and if Ryu and Jack don't recover all seven of them, they won't have the special powers they need to defeat Blue Boltar. Will China Land ever see peace again?

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Little Ninja Brothers is a game released by Culture Brain for the NES in 1989 in Japan, and 1990 in the USA. This is the second game in the series of Super Chinese. The Japanese title of the game was Super Chinese 2. The story is about Jack and Ryu, the two young ninjas, who try hard to find out the mysterious reason for the attack of Chinaland by Blu Boltar.

It was also the second one in the series that preceded by Kung Fu Heroes and followed up by a sequel, Super Ninja Boy, released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Super Chinese 3, the other sequel, was never released in the United States. Also, there were two Ninja Boy spin-off games that were released for the Game Boy in both regions.

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