"King of the Monsters 2 is a 2D Fighting game, developed by Betop and published by Takara, which was released in 1994."

King of the Monsters 2

a game by Takara, and SNK

Action, Fighting Games / Sega GenesisSNES



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Some of the most innovative technological advances have come from Japan, like VCRs, video games, and high-definition TVs. Then again, we also got rubber-suit monster movies from Japan. Now Takara blends the technological with the terrible in King of the Monsters 2, unfortunately, it leans more toward the latter.

ProTip: Throwing objects at bosses does more damage than wrestling with them.

Street Crater II

Once again, Takara takes three rubber-suited Japanese alien/heroes and makes them into gigantic brawling bad boys. This sequel to the 1992 SNES game just doesn't have enough punch to keep it going.

You can fight against the computer, against a friend, or join forces with another player against the computer. You battle past cities, in airports, and even underwater in search of the end-level bosses. You choose from three characters, and you have a range of standard punches and kicks. Your character can also perform special moves that include projectile attacks and throws.

Grappling with the bosses is the easiest way to take them down. Use your Super moves when grappling.

Hard 'n' Heavy

The graphics fall short of Kingly. The cartoonish enemies are poorly thought out, and the end-level bosses just look silly. The colors used are vivid, but the background details are small and unimpressive.

The sound and music are monstrous but bearable. You'll definitely need some other form of audio fix. Then again, the sound effects in Japanese monster movies never win any awards either.

Charge up for Super moves when you're between battles, or you'll get hit constantly.

The real problem with this game is the control. Super moves are useless unless you charge up first, but you're vulnerable while charging. When you grapple with an enemy, you must constantly tap left and right on the control pad and push a button to perform a move. You also have to approach enemies at an angle, or you're vulnerable to projectile attacks.

  • Make sure to register some hits on your enemy when they're on the ground. It takes them a while to get up.
  • Remember, you can swim in the underwater stages. Use this ability to your advantage when Sack Eyes is chasing you.

Mild-Mannered Monsters

As for challenge, you'll find yourself beating most of the monsters and bosses with no problem. The trick to staying alive is using your monstrous noggin and avoiding all the peripheral dangers of the game, such as exploding bombs or killer jets.

If you liked the first KOM, then this game is more of the same, and you won't be disappointed. But if you want more options, more fighters, and more moves, you'd move to another King-dom.

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King of the Monsters 2

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

It's fight time. In one corner we have pumped-up Japanese monsters. In the other corner...more pumped-up Japanese monsters. If you're thinking you'd like to be somewhere else right about now, you're not alone.

Monster Mash

You can choose from Super Geon, Atomic Guy, Cyber Woo, or any of the bosses.

ProTip: When an opponent stops, turns, or moves funny, get out of the way. Super move comin'.

But wait... it's not like you're going to play against your best friend, because KOM 2 is a one-player game. That's right. Takara giveth, and it taketh away. Add to this the difficult controls, and you have a classic case of sequel syndrome -- the second game is not as good as the first.

After a number of hits, an opponent will stall after getting hit or thrown. Use the opportunity to inflict more damage.

Gimpy Graphics

King of the Monsters 2 also suffers from an image problem (the problem is, the images are terrible). The graphics are tame renderings of short sprites in poorly realized backgrounds.

Come into a fight from an angle. The opponent will have a hard time reacting.

The sound effects are fairly monstrous, but thankfully, fairly intermittent as well. You'll hear some shuffling, groaning, and whining...at the rental checkout counter where you'll see this game!

The King Is Dead

So, fight fans, look elsewhere for your thrills. KOM 2 couldn't keep Gerry Cooney up long enough to take a swing. Until Takara finishes Samurai Shodown, somebody there should dethrone this monarch.

King of the Monsters 2 is a video game released a sequel for the Neo-Geo On May 25, 1992, Takara and SNK, which was also ported to the Super NES in 1993.

The object of this game is similar to its predecessor. You must choose from three monsters which include a large lizard, huge mutant human, and a large robotic ape. Then walk through each city (at the end of each you go head-to-head with the boss creature), making sure to destroy everything in site, including buildings, planes, and other creatures.

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