"Gunstar Heroes is a frantically paced, thoroughly entertaining game. Running, jumping, and shooting are the obvious attractions here."

Gunstar Heroes

a game by Treasure

Action, Arcade Classics, Shooting Games, Platformer / Sega Genesis


Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes



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If you're itching for classic side-view shooting action, Gunstar Heroes wants you. But be advised: This Genesis action/adventure game is an assault on your senses as well as your trigger finger.

Better Dead than Red

The planet Gunstar has the Red blues. Colonel Red, a vicious dictator, has stolen four Mystical Gems, which can revive a long-dead, planet-killing robot. The Gunstar twins are out to retrieve the Gems and cream the Colonel.

Gunstar Heroes is chaos in a game. Colonel Red's droid horde comes charging at you on land and in the air from both sides of the screen. The Gunstars fight through a spaceship/shooter stage. The bad boss 'bots run the gamut from weird, Erector-set rejects to teeny, tiny, mechanical terrors. You select four difficulty levels, where even Easy is nasty hard.

You need superior firepower to survive, and the game obliges nicely. Periodically an Electronic Duck flies in to drop four energy weapon power-ups. You can use two separately or combine them into one awesome blaster. There are ten combo weapons possible.


  • In Stage Four, you can make a stronger throw with the dice if you catch and throw it before it stops bouncing.
  • You can snatch bad guys, robots, and bombs out of the air and toss'em. Time a jump and hit B.
  • Force with Lightning and Double Force are strong weapon combos, especially at the end of the game.

3 Killer Controls

The real stars of this thumb-buster are the outstanding controls and the character moves. In addition to the energy weapons, each Gunstar has an easily accessible hand- fighting repertoire: a flying kick, a sliding kick, a throw, and a body slam. They can block attacks, fire weapons 360 degrees, and climb handover hand. During the mining cart sequence you can even down.

  • You can rebound off the sides of the screen to jump a little bit higher.
  • Run with the Duck! Sometimes you can score an extra Vitality.

Eye Strain, Ear Grain

The game's graphics wage their own battle against good and evil... but good ultimately prevails. The character sprites aren't very sharp, and during the riotous two-player contests, you're hard-pressed to distinguish your Gunstar from your friend's. Although slowdown is infinitesimal, blocks of pixels sometimes disappear from your sprite during heavy fighting. On the other hand, there are some truly creative stage designs. For example, one imaginative stage is a board game, where you roll dice, move to a square, and warp to a boss challenge.

The sound effects pack a power punch. Crystal clear gun blasts and explosions will rock your house.

'Star Quality

This game doesn't blast open new territory, but it soups up a standard shoot-out game with murderous action, excellent controls, and imaginative game design. Gunstar Heroes is a certified Genesis gun star.

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Gunstar Heroes

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Gunstar Heroes is a video game developed by Treasure and published by Sega in the last quarter of 1993. The game was released for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis for the first time, but was later on ported to GameGear, thanks to M2, and 13 years later was released for PlayStation 2 as well. In the latest years the game has been made available for Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade due to its increased popularity in the 90s.

The game is rated as a side-scrolling shooter, with the player controlling a character who has four weapons to choose from. They can be combined so the player gets a total of 14 possible unique weapons. The gameplay is a side-scrolling one, with the player being able to grab and toss enemies, but also to perform sliding and jumping attacks. He can perform long-range skids as well.

The life of the character is calculated different than in other games in the genre. There are required several hits for a player to die, but by dying only once the player will have to continue from the start of the level or to end the game. There is no number of limited tries, a player can do it as many times as he wants.

The player can choose to control Gunstar Red or Blue, who are two twin brothers trying to protect the planet. Gunstar Yellow is the sister of the first two characters, giving them short briefings on the levels. Professor Brown became too old to fight, so he is now the mentor of Red and Blue, helping them along their missions. Gunstar Green is the older brother of the twins, who works for the Empire. Grey is the leader of the Empire, and wished to reshape the planet to his desires.

The stories of the European/American game and the Japanese game are a bit different. In the Western story, the Gunstar Dynasty protected the planet Gunstar 9 for a long time, but now it's time for the main character to save the planet from different destructive forces, such as androids or evil geniuses.

The Japanese version, which is considered the original one, finds out character close to the end of the world. An evil organization wants to destroy different planets, but the main character the player has to control needs to stop the evil plans.

The game was received really well, with the Electronic Gaming Monthly offering the Best Action Game award in 1993. Not only the critics appreciated the game, but also players all over the world. The game received very good feedback over the time, and this is also one of the reasons why two years ago it was developed for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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