"Take part in one of several activities related to the California beach culture in this multievent sports sim."

California Games

a game by Epyx, Inc., and Milton Bradley

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Take part in one of several activities related to the California beach culture in this multievent sports sim from Epyx, authors of the original Summer Games.

California Games is another addition in the "games" series from software publisher Epyx. Like their summer and winter offerings California Games lets players participate in sporting events. This time out, they are more non-traditional, such as half-pipe skateboarding, surfing and foot bag.

California Games allows for up to eight players to compete in rotation through either single events, a selection of your favorites, or all six events. A single event can also be selected to practice and gain proficiency The users can name their players and points are awarded for each event depending on how each player finishes. Once all events have been completed the total scores for all players are tabulated and a winner is declared.

The six events you can participate in are half-pipe skateboarding, footbag (also known as hackey-sack), surfing, boardwalk roller-skating, BMX bicycling and disk toss (Frisbee). All events have their own style and method to victory.

In the half pipe the player controls a figure on a skateboard and attempts to do skateboarding tricks on the half pipe rim and in the air, without wiping out. The player has a minute and 15 seconds to gain as many points as possible.

In footbag the player controls an on screen figure who can be maneuvered horizontally across the screen and made to turn 360 degrees. By kicking the footbag into the air and basically juggling with your feet you can gain points. More points are awarded for tricks and complex maneuvers. There is a time limit again of one minute and 15 seconds.

Surfing consists of riding your surfboard smoothly along the lip of the onscreen wave. One can perform tricks by launching off the top of the wave and landing the jump properly. The main goal is to go as far and as fast as you can in the allotted time in a risky position.

On the boardwalk the player controls a roller skater skating into opposing traffic. The boardwalk is littered with obstacles and is uneven and unfinished in many places. The goal of the event is to make it to the end of the boardwalk in the shortest amount of time while dodging objects in your way and doing as many tricks as possible. When controlling the player one can jump, duck and spin 360 degrees. The player is only allowed three falls before they are disqualified.

BMX biking is another event where the player races to the end of the course in the shortest time possible. Controlling an onscreen BMX biker one can do different tricks such as backwards and forwards flips off of large jumps and ramps. There are numerous obstacles that will throw you from your bike. The player is allowed one serious (i.e. falling on our head) or three easy (i.e. falling over) wipeouts before they are disqualified.

The flying disk event is the final challenge. The goal is to accurate through a plastic flying disk the length of a field to a catcher. The factors that affect the disks behavior are the amount of force one uses to toss the disk. Once it has been thrown control transfers to the catcher who must be positioned ready to catch the disk. Points are awarded on the distance the catcher must run. The closer you throw to the catcher, the more points that are awarded.

Compete in events such as skateboarding, footbag, surfing, roller skating, flying disc (frisbee) and BMX. Some events are ranked by judges (Surfing), which gives you a score to help you improve your routine.

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Hey, dudes, get ready to, like, hit the beach and compete in five gnarly California-style events -- BMX bike-racing, Footbag, Roller Skating, Half-Pipe Skateboarding, and Surfing. Radical! Even better, up to nine buds can compete at the same time. Like, it's the perfect party game. And the graphics are so awesome you're gonna' feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair. Hit the beach, or hit California Games. (For more info see Game-Pro, January '92.)


California Games

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Hey, bud, when it comes to ' the sand and surf, California has had the advantage over most states. Not anymore! With California Games by Sega you can bring the beaches home and compete in five gnarly California-style events! Radical!

Hang Five

California Games is a mondo collection of five separate cool events: BMX bike-racing, Footbag, Roller Skating, Half-Pipe (pull some gnarly skate board moves inside a giant half-pipe), and Surfing. Like, play the events in order or just check out your favorites when your karma's right.

Ya gotta' be totally hot to beat some of the events, but you can adjust the difficulty level of the Footbag and Surfing events to match your bioitiythms.

This is totally awesome because it gives dufus players a chance to kick some sand in someone's face.

Of course, the real challenge in a game like California Games is the chance to compare your skills with your buds'. Or, in this case, up to NINE buds! Yup, it's no problemo! Up to nine dudes can compete at the same time -- and, like, you can even share one controller! And since you can play it with nine dudes you know what this means don't ya? California Games is the perfect party game! This hot game even has a high score board so you can keep a record of who's making the most points and tagging the title of "Big Kahuna".

ProTip: Don't set the difficulty level at its lowest for the Footbag and Surfing events unless you really need the practice, otherwise you'll only get half the points for each maneuver if you do. Bummer!

In Yer Face

The graphics and animation in California Games are totally awesome. Really cool multi-level scrolling makes the surfing event look more like a film clip than a video game! The animation's colorful and smooth as sand. When your skater flies off his board, you'll be reaching for the band-aids! The sounds are wild too, with bouncy beach tunes and gnarly bone- crunching sound effects. Don't have a perfect beach nearby? No problemo! California Games is the perfect solution!

Total Control

An old surfer dude once said, "a game is only as good as its controls". California Games isn't too shabby in this area either. The controls are very responsive (like, it does what you want when you want it!). This is super importante, especially when you are trying to do a hand-plant! Timing is the key to becoming a master of the events.

  • Don't by flips off of small jumps in the BMX event, if you land on your head, you're one dead dude!
  • If you get the timing of the jumps down while Skating, you're gonna1 nail the entire event.
  • To gain speed in the Half-Pipe you've got to ‚Äúpump'' at just the right places on the pipe.

Surf's Up!

Hey, gamers, whether you're a California dude or not this game's cool. It looks awesome and plays great, and, like, it's got stuff in it that you're not gonna' see anywhere else! So hit the beach, or hit California Games!

It's awesome, it's radical, it's... well you know! California Games finally comes to the NES, allowing you hours of fun as you surf, skateboard, ride BMX bikes, play hacky sack, rollerskate, and toss the frisbee. You'll almost feel the sun on your back, the wind in your hair, and smell the ocean breezes, as you play this highly original game. It's the next best thing to being in California!

California Games is a 1987 Epyx sports video game for many home computers and video game consoles. Branching from their popular Summer Games and Winter Games series, this game consisted of some sports purportedly popular in California.

The game sold very well, topping game selling charts for winter months. It also got very positive reaction from reviewers. Many consider California Games to be the last classic Epyx sport game. After this game, the staff in Epyx changed.

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