"Beast Warrior is an isometric Street Fighter clone featuring monsters, aliens, cyborgs, and demons."

Beast Warrior

a game by Telenet

Fighting Games / Sega Genesis



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Beast Warrior is also known as Beast Wrestler.

If you think the WWF is brutal, wait until you get a load of the wrestling of the future. Life Science experts have worked to create the most powerful beasts imaginable. The creatures stand 25 feet high, weigh several tons each, and are used to compete for the wrestling championship of the world.

Now its up to you to take control of your own Beast Warrior and step into the ring. You'll have to master the various death blow techniques if you want to survive, and you'll need to win matches in order to upgrade your fighter or to enroll in training events. Once you've gotten good enough you can challenge the best in the region, and if you defeat the domestic champion, its off to the World-ranked grapplers who have skills and power like you've never seen before! Step into the squared circle and get ready for some hardcore wrestling action futuristic style!

Beast Warrior is an isometric Street Fighter clone featuring monsters, aliens, cyborgs, and demons.

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