"Take control of a Matcat Mech as you fight your way through several level of mechanized mayhem. Use machine guns, rocket launchers, homing missiles, flame throwers, mines and atomic bombs to defeat the encroaching enemy threat."


a game by Malibu Games

Sega Genesis






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You're a Clan Wolf MechWarrior: the pilot of seven stories and 60 tons of densely packed explosives and attitude. In Battletech for the Genesis, the future of the Clans rests on you and your Madcat Heavy OmniMech, but it's an assignment you'll gladly accept.

Walking Thunder

In the style of Jungle Strike and Desert Strike, Battletech drops you into a series of ground-based missions, each with several objectives that must be completed in order. The game play resembles the Strike games, consisting mainly of stomping around and pureeing anything that moves.

The engaging graphics feature well-detailed sprites that are easily identifiable. Your 'Mech is particularly lifelike as it strides along, rocking from side to side and raising plumes of dust or leaving tracks in the snow.

Point and Shoot

Numb one-player controls make the game difficult. The body of your 'Mech is a swiveling turret that can move independently of the legs; you can march in a straight line while you try to drill nasties coming in from all points of the compass. However, vague controller action can send your shots wide and your 'Mech crashing into walls. These problems become more than a nuisance when you run across an enemy 'Mech -- your lack of agility can get you dead, fast. Fortunately, what's difficult for one player is exciting in the two-player cooperative mode, where one player controls the legs and one controls the turret. Before long, you'll be yelling warnings to each other while your 'Mech calmly tracks enemies.

From the cool voice of your 'Mech to the chatter of incoming fire, the sound effects will grab you. However, the lack of music during the levels adds a solemn, lonely feel to the proceedings.

ProTip: Soften up a target area by lobbing Gauss Rifle shots over the walls.

Clan Wolf Wants You

One of the few drawbacks is the short feel of the levels -- more objectives would be welcome. Most gamers, however, will find some of that "just one more time" challenge, and Battletech requires enough strategy to make it more than a mere firefest. Join us, youngling of Clan Wolf, and remember: Do not tread lightly.

  • Put on the Emergency Ice Brakes: Firing a weapon in one direction moves you in the opposite direction.
  • For a 'Mech-less first level, take out the 'Mech and tank bays immediately.
  • You can't shoot something you're right on top of, so back off and give yourself some shooting room.
  • You can fire all your weapons simultaneously, win comes in handy when you're fighting another 'Mech.

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