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    • Daffy Duck: The Marvin MissionsYou will take on the role of Duck Dodgers the alter ego of Daffy Duck as he fights a crucial battle with Marvin the Martian in the twenty-fourth...
    • Earthworm JimJim wasn't always a studly super-worm. He was once just a spineless, dirt eater with no real mission in life... Then a cosmic twist of fate placed...
    In this sequel to Castle of Illusion, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have mysteriously teleported to an enchanted land filled with magic.
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    • ECCO - The Tides of TimeTravel through the time along with Ecco the dolphin, in the only game that could call itself a “dolphin simulator”.
    • E.V.O.: Search for EdenThis game is about a character whose goal is to evolve into the dominant life form on Earth and live in Eden where Gaia lives.
    You control either Ariel the mermaid or her father, King Triton. Friends like Flounder and Sebastian can also be summoned for a little helping hand.
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    Taz in Escape from Mars puts you in the role of the Tasmanian Devil, the spinning, slobbering, but overall lovable cartoon character.
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    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist is a Side-scrolling beat 'em up based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) franchise, and...
    • Judge DreddJudge Dredd is a platform action game based on the British comic book character of the same name and the 1995 movie that tarnished that name.
    Comix Zone is a side-scrolling fighting game with a difference, you're inside of a comic book and you yourself know it.
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    • Captain America and the AvengersThe Red Skull is out to conquer the world once again, so it's up to Captain America and the Avengers to stop him and his army of thugs.
    • Batman ForeverThe Real Game Begins. Batman forever. Brace yourself for endless action with Batman Forever. Batman and Robin blast into Gotham City in a...
    The game loosely follows the events of the Death of Superman starting from the time that the Underworlder's take over the Metropolis Power Plant to Superman's return and defeat of the Cyborg.
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    • Tetris AttackTetris is a verifiable classic game, translated to well over 200 electronic and computer platforms. It takes 2 minutes to learn, but a lifetime to...
    • Wild SnakeWild Snake is a tetris-like game. In this game, many snakes fall downwards. The object is to clear as many snakes as possible, and by doing this...
    Columns is a game of strategy and quick thinking, where you must line the blocks up to get them to disappear from the play field.
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    • Fatal LabyrinthAction for one player. Enter the a Castle where the layout mysteriously changes. Use a mixture of weapons and magic to defeat your enemies.
    • Secret of EvermoreThe story follows a boy and his pet dog as they are inadvertently transported to a fantasy world created by an eccentric inventor. The gameplay...
    In this arcade/RPG game you're a young wizard on a quest to find your mentor, who has disappeared suddenly.
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    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Return of the ShredderTournament Fighters takes dude-on-dude demolition to new heights of intensity with 4 modes of pain-producing battles, deadly warriors, secret...
    • Gunstar HeroesGunstar Heroes is a frantically paced, thoroughly entertaining game. Running, jumping, and shooting are the obvious attractions here.
    Features multiple levels, variety of environments like swamps and caverns, large number of enemies, special martial arts attacks, use of random items as weapons.
  • Theme Park

    You can build your own theme park from the ground up, you can customize everything in it, from the number of employees to the salt content of the fries.
     Download now 1,25Mb
    Sega Genesis
  • Flintstones

    The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy is a first-rate platformer with a bright, colorful look that successfuly mimics the cartoon series.
     Download now 877,94Kb
    Sega Genesis
  • Sailor Moon

    Sailor Moon game is based on the popular manga/anime series of the same name. The heroine of the series is a 14-year-old schoolgirl named Serena.
     Download now 1,60Mb
    Sega Genesis
  • Fatman

    Fight for money, spend your money on power-ups, restore your health or increase your strength.
     Download now 903,70Kb
    Sega Genesis
  • Worms

    Explore the sinister side of nature as you control a troop of armed-up, never-say-die Worms in an arcade-strategy extravaganza! Use Shotguns, Bazookas, Homing missiles and Banana Bombs in your bid for survival and the ultimate accolade... Victory!
     Download now 1,35Mb
    Sega GenesisSNES
  • Earthworm Jim

    Jim wasn't always a studly super-worm. He was once just a spineless, dirt eater with no real mission in life... Then a cosmic twist of fate placed him in control of an ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit. Now Jim must make it to P..
     Download now 2,38Mb
    Sega GenesisSNESSega Master System
  • Batman

    The Batman game follows the movie perfectly in the fact that there is a level for just about every scene in the film.
     Download now 855,69Kb
    Sega GenesisNES
  • Jurassic Park - Rampage Edition

    Jurassic Park Rampage Edition is a 3rd person side-scrolling shooter. You will be battling against velociraptors, raptors, pterodactyls, triceratops, a T-Rex and those really some carnivore dinosaurs.
     Download now 1,51Mb
    Sega Genesis
  • James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish

    James Pond 3: Operation Starfish is a standard jump and run platform game.
     Download now 1,75Mb
    Sega Genesis
  • Champions World Class Soccer

    Football game which includes Exhibition (1 or 2 players) or Tournament format. 32 international teams, changeable controls.
     Download now 1,04Mb
    Sega GenesisSNES
  • Scooby Doo Mystery

    Ghosts are haunting the Drabwell Ranch and a crazy pirate is running Deadman's Cove. It's up to Shaggy and Scooby, our fearful heroes, to get to the bottom of things and solve these two mysteries.
     Download now 1,76Mb
    Sega GenesisSNES
  • Devil Crash MD

    You are to control a silver ball instead of a humanoid character, though. Your goal is to wake up the sleeping Lizard Queen.
     Download now 937,83Kb
    Sega Genesis