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  • Puyo Puyo

    Puyo Puyo is a Matching Puzzle game, developed by Compile and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 1992.
     Download now 903,64Kb
    Sega Genesis
  • Puyo Puyo screenshotsPuyo Puyo screenshotsPuyo Puyo screenshots
  • Dino Land

    Ever played a 3-dimensional prehistoric pinball game? 'Didn't think so. That's why Dinoland is such a crazy, zany game! Join DINO-Bunz and his friends on a wild, prehistoric adventure - pinball style.
     Download now 815,19Kb
    Sega Genesis
  • Sol-Deace

    Players pilot the Sol-Deace in a fight against strategic enemy fighters. Players use a dual cannon pick-up weapon that can fire shots in diagonal angles.
     Download now 917,30Kb
    Sega Genesis
  • Sol-Deace screenshotsSol-Deace screenshotsSol-Deace screenshots
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    Keith -

    Anybody Please!!! this was one of my TOP 3 most favorite game when i was growing up! Man i wish i could play this game again, ever since my sega genesis broke down ive been craving the genesis games!!

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    Andy -

    The downloads are now working again!, So you can now play Sol-Deance!.

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  • Mazin Saga

    It is a beat em'up/versus fighting game based on Mazinger Z by Go Nagai. As Mazinger Z, the player must fight mutants and robots.
     Download now 1,20Mb
    Sega Genesis
  • Saint Sword

    The evil being Gorgan has set his minions out to wreak havoc upon humanity. Humanity has joined with the Titans to help bring down Gorgan.
     Download now 899,55Kb
    Sega Genesis
  • Saint Sword screenshotsSaint Sword screenshotsSaint Sword screenshots
  • Shadow Dancer

    Shadow Dancer is an arcade game, developed by Sega. It ported to few home video platforms and home computer systems. It is the direct sequel to the Shinobi game.
     Download now 899,90Kb
    Sega Genesis
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    • Rendering RangerIt's a side scrolling action game that is gun-oriented. A high score screen is present and there are many different types of laser guns to acquire...
    • Ballz 3DDo you have Ballz? Well, you will need them in this knock down, drag out game of blood and brawling action.
    Vectorman 2 screenshotsVectorman 2 screenshots
    VectorMan is back, and the robot sludge barge pilot is more awesome than ever! New morphs, power-ups, and special weapons equip VectorMan to battle with Earth's most prolific enemy... mutant insects! Change into the shape of mutant insects with the special Assimilation Morph. Blast enemies with VectorMan's deadly Laser Cannon, Pulse Beam, Fire Ball and Super Shot! Experience fluid, real-time "Vector-Piece" animation, pulsating sounds and vibrant graphics through 25 levels of gameplay!
  • Power Drive

    Power Drive is an arcade racing game based around rally driving. Handbrake turns and lurid powerslides are both possible, and the steering is suitably loose.
     Download now 1,20Mb
    Sega Genesis
  • Sub-Terrania

    An unknown alien race has attacked an underground mining colony. A lone pilot has been charged with the task of defeating the aliens, while rescuing the trapped miners, using an experimental attack...
     Download now 1,46Mb
    Sega Genesis
  • Sub-Terrania screenshotsSub-Terrania screenshotsSub-Terrania screenshots
  • Gley Lancer

    In the year 2025, a war breaks out between humans and a hostile alien race, and 16-year-old Lucia and the rest of the starfighter pilots in the Earth Federation must join the battle.
     Download now 1,30Mb
    Sega Genesis
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