"720° the daring mid-air double spin, is the world class skateboarder's tour-de-force. "


a game by Atari Co., U.S. Gold, and Mindscape

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720° the daring mid-air double spin, is the world class skateboarder's tour-de-force. Set against the backdrop of Skate City, this high-speed action video game is an endless display of awesome stunts, rad jumps, handstands, and breathtaking spins. Your skillful skating maneuvers score points and earn you tickets to participate in four events — downhill, slalom, jump and ramp. As you tear down waves of ramps with hairpin curves, you must also fend off motorcycle maniacs, mean-looking goons, and other obstacles. Cash prizes can be used to purchase hot skating equipments from the shops, to boost your overall performance, like helmet, skateboard, pads, and high-top shoes. You can also beat the clock to earn bronze, silver or gold medals.

Skate or Die

Whether you are flying down through a series of gates at top speed, or using your quick reflexes and landing on bonus markers, you must race against the time bar. The time bar dwindles as you do your maneuvers. When the time bar disappears completely you are given a couple of seconds to enter an event before a nasty swarm of stinging bees gets the better of you.

ProTip: Remember, the more you spin, the more points you earn. Earn extra points by jumping and spinning over water hazards, grass patches, ramps and curbs.

720° by Mindscape is an entertaining game, challenging you every minute, as the screen scrolls along. The graphics and animation are spellbinding. The musical scores taken right off the coin-op are impressive. As you skate up the side of the concrete tidal wave, can you execute the meanest 720°?

At the beginning of the game buy as much equipment as possible with your $100. Then go to a skate park and your performance will be top notch.

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Yo, dude? Can you make the meanest 720° around? Well, head for Skate City and show us your stuff. Based on an arcade classic this world class skateboard title is an endless display of awesome stunts, rad jumps, handstands, and breathtaking spins. Participate in four events-downhill, slalom, jump, and ramp. Earn cash prizes and use the money to buy better equipment. And remember, Skate City is skateboard heaven!

720°, or 720 Degrees is skateboarding game, was one of the first extreme sports game.

Play as skateboarder in Skate City, one of the largest skateparks. 720 Degrees begins with the player controlling a skate-rat skating around a neighborhood using different objects as ramps for jumps. By doing jumps and tricks, you can eventually acquire enough points to compete at a skate park. But, if you don't get to a competition in time, the infamous "Skate Or Die" message appears, and then you have to hurry!

Participate in competitions to earn medals and cash. Visit skate shops to upgrade your gear and improve your skills.

In order to win, you must complete a total of sixteen events through four hubs.

It is skateboarding game released in 1986 by Atari. It was the first extreme sports videogame. You run your skate using miscellaneous objects as ramps to perform loops and jumps. You have a number of tickets to enter one of four parks where you can win cash, buy equipment and improve your skills. The timer shows you time left upon arrival of "Skate or Die" choice - you are to either enter a tournament or die by killer bees.

There are four levels of difficulty in this game, each is presented by a Skate City which is a gate between four parks. Thus you have to win a total of 16 events to complete the "720 degrees". To locate all these parks you need to find a map icon and roll over it. Flying hammers, water, sand, cars and motorcycles are all over roads so beware of them or you can lose your life.


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Windows XP/Vista/7/8

This is the first extreme sports video game and it has got a unique timed structure that in order to keep the game going requires the player score points. Released in 1987, this arcade, skateboarding game was published by U.S. Gold Ltd. and developed by Atari Games Corporation.

An ultimate trick, turning a full 720° (two complete circles) in the air after jumping off a ramp gave its name to this video game.

In Skate City, there are four events for a skateboarder to complete. They are: Ramp (the highest-scoring event), Downhill, Slalom (the player has to pass between pairs of blue flags spread along the course), Jump (there is a series of ramps and the player has to hit a bull’s-eye target off the screen; most difficult). In each event, the player gets points and money for high scores.

There are a skate shops all over the park. You can upgrade your gear there and also improve your skills. There are competitions, to take part in and earn medals and cash to use in the shops. Only, if you don't get to a competition in time, the infamous "Skate Or Die" message will appear, and then you really will have to hurry.

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