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  • Earthworm Jim 2

    Earthworm Jim 2 features everything that made the original a classic, including fluid animation, tricked-out gameplay that keeps the player guessing, and more humor than should be legal.
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    Sega GenesisSNES
  • Earthworm Jim 2 screenshotsEarthworm Jim 2 screenshotsEarthworm Jim 2 screenshots
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    Slavik Tretyak -

    This is really cool game ;)

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    Justin Garcia CoolDuelist -

    Just like part one and just like I said before for Part one. This is a really cool and enjoyable game. The controls are the same but Jim has a happy face now instead of looking pissed and is more hyper (Jogging in place instead on staying still). Well, I said the controls are the same and they are except for one change, Instead of rotating your head like a propeller, you have a boogerpack, which you use to go across booger ceilings to get across an area. This Game is Highly Recommended by me, JGCD!

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  • Puggsy

    Puggsy is a platform game with a combination of action and puzzle-solving elements.
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    Sega Genesis
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    Andy -

    This is a very good puzzle / platform game i had this game as a kid, Shame it is only the demo so you get five levels and thats your lot!.

    If someone has the whole game please be kind and add the link to the site, Pretty please.....

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  • Aerobiz

    It's a fascinating economic simulator for those who got tired of constant shooting and just want to use the brains.
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    Sega GenesisSNES
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    Andy -

    This is a very well thought out management game with nice touches just about every think about runnig a airline is covered!, A must if you want to rack your brains!.

    Aerobiz supersonic is a lot more detailed with hotels charter flights too.

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    • Red ZoneMadman Ivan Retovitz rips off an arsenal of USSR nuclear weapons and threatens to transform the world into a radioactive desert. As the leader of...
    • Choplifter IIIThe gameplay revolves around piloting a rescue helicopter into hostile territory and rescuing hostages.
    Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf screenshotsDesert Strike - Return to the Gulf screenshots
    Desert Strike is a helicopter game. There is a wide variety of missions including destroying targets, rescuing prisoners, capturing an ambassador, stopping an oil spill, and taking out SCUD launchers.
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    Nestor -

    I remember this game way back in the day, and I love it, now it takes me a while to even complete one level, my son kicks my behind on this game, try it, it looks simple but its not that easy..

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  • Asterix and the Power of The Gods

    You guide Asterix through various levels. You can jump, run, and defeat your enemies by spinning and hitting them.
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    Sega Genesis
  • Asterix and the Power of The Gods screenshotsAsterix and the Power of The Gods screenshotsAsterix and the Power of The Gods screenshots
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    slapta -

    sudas neina zaist

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  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    The Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade game has 5 levels, each of them are rather large, and are all taken from locations of the movie.
     Download now 1,01Mb
    Sega GenesisNESSega Master System
  • Super Battleship

    Super Battleship is a great game for fans of the classic board game or those who want to test their sea legs and blow some stuff up at the same time.
     Download now 780,97Kb
    Sega GenesisSNES
  • Super Battleship screenshotsSuper Battleship screenshotsSuper Battleship screenshots
  • Mulan

    Mulan is the story of a young woman who dons her ailing father's armor and taked his place in the Chinese Imperial Army.
     Download now 1,34Mb
    Sega Genesis
  • Pele!

    Pele snes is the football game that you have been searching for.
     Download now 1,09Mb
    Sega Genesis
  • Pele! screenshotsPele! screenshotsPele! screenshots
  • Clue

    Clue is a translation of Parker Brothers' classic detective board game. Someone has murdered Mr. Boddy and you must use your deductive reasoning to rule out five of the following six suspects.
     Download now 887,88Kb
    Sega GenesisSNES
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