• Jeff Nicolay posted a comment: 8 years ago · View

    I am confused on one aspect here. If I am playing this on my computer, How am I supposed to use those GAME GENIE code for this game, or for that matter any other game on the site?

  • Justin Garcia CoolDuelist posted a comment: 7 years, 12 months ago · View

    It's true that you are playing this and other games on your computer but the programing for this game allows you to use GameGenie and Action Replay for all games. Nice huh? If you want to know more or how to use this, Look for GameGenie or Action Replay on the game list and read the article I have written, if you want too. I haven't play this game so I can't recommend it but I hope it's good. Feel Free to ask me (JGCD) for any help, okay? :)