Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf Cheats

Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf cheats for Snes

  • Ten helicopters

    Enter BS9JS27 as a password. Press Start to begin a new game or enter a valid level password to resume at the corresponding level.

  • Level 1

    Password is 3ZJMZT7.

  • Level 2

    Password is K32L82R or RZJ23J3.

  • Level 3

    Password is JR8P8M8 or K32H82L.

  • Level 4

    Password is F9N5CJ8 or RR8JKHD.

  • Victory

    Password is 89CCWQD.

  • Unlimited lives

    Enter 006AA44A79 as a password.

  • Extra armor

    Enter 0049D0TFFFE as a password.

  • Unlimited fuel

    Enter 00689C4A79 as a password.